Win an iPad Mini by sending your kids into space

jjLearning about space is a brilliant way to give your child a start in science because young children are always looking up, and their natural curiosity can lead to the most amazing and inspiring questions.

The Jetpack Journeys series is designed to help trigger this by being the very first introduction to a Solar System filled with awe. Children will enjoy building their own unique spaceships in which to explore the Solar System as they learn the names and appearances of the 8 planets in addition to elementary facts about space.

iPhone Mom said Jetpack Journeys "has real potential for inspiring young minds".jj logo

With no in-app purchases and a stress-free play environment, Jetpack Journeys is leading the way in educational toys for children - putting ethics before profit. You can get Jetpack Journeys and Astronaut Trainer in the App Store. For more details please visit the Jetpack Journeys website.

WIN! For the chance to win an iPad Mini simply fill in the form below, answering the simple question.


Competition closing date: 6 January 2014

Last updated: 03-Dec-2013 at 12:26 PM