What Mumsnetters are thankful for: the NHS, cake and each other

In honour of all our American Mumsnetters - both ex-pat and stateside - ahead of the annual Thanksgiving celebration we asked what makes you thankful. Here's what you came up with


DC, DPs and all they bring to life's table

ron kids

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  • I am thankful my tantrumming, will not wear shoes, won't wee or poo in a loo, never wipes his bum DS2 has started school and not yet been invited to see the head teacher to be named and shamed in their 'not good behaviour' file. Pancakeflipper

  • I'm thankful for our lovely DD. We thought we would never have any DC and we are more thankful to have her than we ever thought possible. YerDaftApeth
  • I'm just thankful for meeting my DH and eventually with a lot of help giving birth to my lovely, lovely little boy 19 months ago! MumOfTheMoos
  • I'm thankful for my DH and for our beautiful daughter. Things can be hard sometimes as DD almost certainly autistic (just waiting for assessment and diagnosis) but I wouldn't change either of them for the world and I appreciate how lucky we are. ScooseIsLoose
  • I'm thankful for my gentle, big-hearted DH who makes me laugh like a drain. ProfondoRosso
  • My gorgeous, funny, beautiful DD - a result of DP's super-sperm and a small miracle! I'm also thankful for CBeebies. whattodo
  • Nina and the Neurons, for seeming to trigger DD into being able to say Nanna. KerwhizzedMyself
  • DD is back in fulltime education after several years of breakdown and school refusal. Cory
  • My soon-to-be-DH who has stuck with me when many others would have run for the hills. LadyFlumpalot
  • My two wonderful, if exhausting, DCs. The doctors and scientists that developed and continue to improve IVF, who helped make them possible. HawkeyeInChaos 

Health is wealth

nhs dance

  • My health. So lucky two forms of cancer were detected early and responded well to treatment, now in remission. aoife24
  • My amazing team of doctors and surgeons, and all the people who helped us through a really rough year. SoldAtAuction
  • The NHS. TiredDog
  • Being seven years from the end of breast cancer treatment with all well. thegreylady
  • That DD has finished chemo and is getting better. And the NHS. KinkyDorito
  • My health, despite all the odds. If it weren't for the NHS and modern medicine, I wouldn't be here. weregoingtothezoo
  • My now-retired gynaecologist who looked after me when I was pregnant with DS2. I lost DS1 when he was born at 27 weeks and the gynaecologist was amazing when I found out about DS2. He saw me every two weeks of my pregnancy, arranged my hospital stay when I had pre-eclampsia and wouldn't let me leave hospital after DS2 was born until he had been to see him! MrsBramleyApple
  • My wonderful husband and our two scrumptious DDs for being in my life and supporting me through my recovery from a recent stroke. My lovely sister for getting me the help I needed after the stroke when I thought I just needed a lie down. The ambulance service and all the staff within the NHS; my care was exemplary thanks to their dedication. I am thankful to be alive and more than halfway on the road to recovery. Julygal
  • I'm thankful to the wonderful NHS who enabled me to survive to see my children grow up. AuditAngel
  • I am grateful for still being alive and 75% healthy. posheroo
  • Gloucester mental health services, the psych crisis team, the pharmaceuticals they give me and the NHS which enables me to have this immediately when I need it. GetOrfOhSodOff
  • I am thankful to modern medicine which is keeping me alive to see Christmas. trice
  • I am grateful to the surgeon, consultants, doctors and nurses who have treated my eldest DS through his cancer journey. It's not over yet but I am grateful they are able to give him a chance, albeit slim, to beat it. minmooch


Family and friends

funny old folk


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  • Having the most amazing parents. They took me and my sister on great camping holidays, Dad was always such good fun and Mum fabulously scatty. My Dad worked all the hours he could in order to take us on foreign holidays. I will always be grateful to them for such a sound upbringing. Doinmummy
  • My grandparents. They are the most marvellous people I know and I feel honoured to have been brought up by them. Although they're nearing 80, they absolutely refuse to act their age and still make me laugh every single day. Their attitude to life and determinedness to live it as they always have has taught me that age really is just a number. I hope I can be half as brilliant as them when I'm at that stage in my life. AutumnStar
  • My parents, who are phenomenal. The group of friends who have been amazing though the most horrendous time and who probably saved me. My old boss, who is coming up with the most random things she needs doing so she can pay me for doing something while I'm unemployed. IHopeYouStepOnALegoPiece


Four walls and clean water


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  • That our benefits system exists so I have somewhere to live and something to eat. KerwhizzedMyself
  • The roof over my head, the food in my fridge/cupboards and the water that appears whenever I turn my tap on. MotherofBear
  • Antibiotics, clean water, the means to put food on the table so my kids don't go hungry, access to healthcare without worrying about the cost, free education, living in a country where the geology/weather are unlikely to kill my family or destroy my home, free speech. LetsFaceTheMusicAndDance


Sustenance and Mumsnet, which go so very well hand-in-hand


  • Twiglets. WallyBantersJunkBox
  • Red Bull. Lots of Red Bull. BigOrange
  • Cake and biscuits. BiscuitsAreMyDownfall
  • Tinned pumpkin. marzipanned
  • Oreos, salt and vinegar crisps and pad thai! Apatite1
  • The chip shop I discovered in Cheltenham last week which serves chips like the Devon seaside. GetOrfOhSodOff
  • Wine, Mumsnet and Sky! Good friends and chocolate. comemulledwinewithmoi
  • Small boys and large boys and autumn days and popcorn and coffee and tea and chocolate and Mumsnet and life in general. Tee2072
  • Mumsnet. It's vaguely kept me sane. CatAmongThePigeons
  • My amazing friends, including those I have made through the Mumsnet SN boards. hazeyjane
  • All the wonderful RL friends I've made through Mumsnet. BOF
  • I'm thankful that we don't have stupid tickers and for the reticence to introduce new fecking smileys... ChaosTrulyReigns



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