Top toys for Christmas 2013

Want to know which will be the most-pleaded-for toys of Christmas 2013? From the Furby (yes, it's back) to the Teksta Puppy and the Barbie Mariposa doll, we've gathered together lists of predictions from all the major retailers, plus the Toy Retailers' Association, about what will be at the top of children's letters to Santa this year.

Of course, we can't discount the possibility that these lists are influenced in part by what the retailers have in their store cupboards. That's why, where we can, we've also added comments from Mumsnetters about the various toys they've actually bought. Hopefully, they'll help you make a more informed decision about what will be played with once and then consigned to the bottom of the toy box, and what will provide hours of proper entertainment. 

And, if you've already bought one of these toys and are delighted/unimpressed/filled with rage (delete as appropriate) with it - do let other Mumsnetters know by posting a review in our Toy section


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What Mumsnetters say:

"I've been trying to get Doc McStuffin's costume but Disney store has been sold out for weeks, so that seems popular."

"We've had the John Lewis wooden toy kitchen for years, it's lovely and well played with."


What Mumsnetters say: 

"They're obsessed with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - they even sing the theme tune in their sleep."

"Get some Star Wars Lego! Amazing stuff. I so wish it had been out when I was a child."




What Mumsnetters say:

"It took us a little while to suss out the hand movements to get [the Flutterbye fairy] not to zip up to the ceiling, but once we had it under control it was fabulous fun."

"For Christmas I've bought [my 15 year old brother] Monopoly Empire - like the traditional Monopoly, but instead of buying Park Lane and Regent Street etc, you buy brands such as Apple, Xbox or Coca Cola."


What Mumsnetters say: 

"DS1 has said he definitely really wants a Robo Fish. It seems to be rocketing in price and there's none available anywhere in Devon."



What Mumsnetters say:

"We love the LeapPad. Personally I didn't want a cheap tablet as I don't want DD accidentally online buying in game tokens etc. Personal choice, but we love the LeapPad."

"I have plans to get the Death Star LEGO in a couple of years as I never had it as a kid."

"The [Skylanders] starter kit will keep a four year old going for ages, and if yours gets really into it, you can collect extra characters to add extra goodies."

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