Stocking fillers for kids: cheap and cheerful ideas

If your child's been well-behaved enough not to get a lump of coal and you're after fun, reasonably priced treats to put in their stocking, then browse our selection of small but perfectly formed stocking fillers. None of them cost more than £7, most are well under a fiver and they should even last past Boxing Day. 

And may we suggest The Book of Bedtime Stories, our very own book for children under seven, as an extra-special stocking filler or gift to leave under the tree.


Keepsake acorn £4.50 [Flibberty]

Rudolph Christmas glasses £6 [Accessorize]

ABC pen holder £4.99 [The Literary Gift Company]

Space torch and projector £4.95 [Prezzybox]

Watercolour pencils £6 [Tate]


Nail files
Nail files £3.50 [Topshop]

LED finger lights £1.40 [Amazon]

Declan Dog ear muffs £6 [BHS]

8GB USB Flash Drive £4.99 [Amazon]

Vintage family card games set £5 [Boots]


Glow in the dark tape £5 [IWOOT]

Felt heart hair bobble £2 [Ethical Kidz]

Boo The World's Cutest Dog magnets £5 [IWOOT]

Holy Family in a Bottle £4.50 [Traidcraft]

LEGO Moon Buggy £4.99 [Argos]


Top Trumps 3D Horrible Histories £6.28 [Amazon]


Zombie shower gel £5.99 [Firebox]


Cupcake shower cap £4.95 [Prezzybox]

I'm A Celebrity Which Wittichy Grubs £7 [Hawkin's Bazaar]

Pen light £4 [Hawkin's Bazaar]


What Mumsnetters say about stocking fillers

  • Something that went down well with my older children was a disposable camera each to take photos on Christmas Day. girlsyearapart
  • The trick is to get a few bulk items to take up space. Plus, get a mixture of practical items. chanie44
  • Father Christmas always used to leave stockings on our beds as kids, so when we woke up we had something to keep us happy (from 5-7am). Wrapping pressies (in stockings) makes this last longer and means parents get more sleep! Wolfiefan
  • If your children are leaving their empty stockings on their beds, then may I suggest duplicate stockings, ready stuffed and hidden away. Et voila! A swift swap rather than the sneak in to get empty stocking and the hissy fit as you try to cram everything in the stockings whilst very drunk a bit tired. Trumpton



Last updated: 18-Nov-2013 at 2:37 PM