New Year resolutions

2013 neon and fireworksShould auld resolutions be forgot? And new resolutions made that you'll actually stick to this time? Or is getting up before midday on the 2nd of January about as ambitious as you can handle? Find out what reasoned, rash or downright ridiculous New Year resolutions other Mumsnetters have made...

New Year resolutions for the health-conscious

  • To stop looking up any health symptoms I may have on websites. Turns me into a flippin hypochondriac! DoodleAlley
  • To count my blessings and enjoy my maternity leave. NewBikeForChristmas
  • To give up smoking (for the 25th year in a row). Pantofino
  • To WORRY LESS and enjoy life more. SantasHat

New Year resolutions for the family-conscious

  • To be live in the present more and enjoy my kids while they're young. I've learned from Mumsnet users of older kids how fleeting it is. So, despite the sheer relentless drudgery that it can bring, I will try to hold them close and relish their sweetness. Tuppenyrice
  • Get tidier so DH doesn't leave me to my dust mite circus. ahhyesiseeyouvepooedonsanta
  • To swap rooms with the DC and give them their own space, to paint my front room, and my kitchen tiles, and the outside of my porch, and, and, and... SingleSoloShattersSparklyStars
  • To be the MOST organised SUPER mum in the ENTIRE universe. OhDoAdmitMrsDeVere

New Year resolutions for the body-conscious

  • To stop putting off things till I lose weight, as before I know it my 20s will be gone and I will have done nothing as I'm waiting for that magical moment I feel 'right'. kandinskysgirl
  • I shall be stylish and classy and have lots of sex. Actually, even a little bit of sex would be nice. BroccoliSpears
  • To make more of an effort and try to do my hair and make-up every day. FrankincenseStellaAndFries
  • To go for regular beauty treatments. TheGreatChristmasEvie

New Year resolutions for the money-conscious

  • To stop having so much month at the end of the money. Svrider
  • To have an income, however small or irregular, earned by me. Jojay
  • To overcome my lack of musical talent and write a catchy Christmas pop song that shoots up the charts and is then played ad-infinitum bringing in a deluge of money. To bask in the knowledge that said pop song is pissing off millions of people at the same time as making me very rich. BarfTheHeraldAngelsHeave
  • Buy a house with a garden, a biiiiig kitchen and a gift-wrapping room. MrsWembley
  • To wash the 'mug' sign off my head and stop lending my DD money I won't get back. ilovesprouts

New Year resolutions for the eco-conscious

  • This time next year I intend to have emptied and eBayed 50% of my household possessions. HoneydragonAteCliffRichard
  • To shop ethically and locally. slowburner
  • To try and create less waste by shopping for food more efficiently. yummymummyreally
  • To use supermarkets less and the local butcher, greengrocer, and fishmonger more. Mominatrix

New Year resolutions for the sub-conscious

  • Try my hardest to live in the present, not the past or the future... in essence to try and live a Buddhist kind of life. DaveGrohlsgirl
  • To get the clothes I intend to wear the next day ready the night before, so there isn't a panicked Voyage to the Back of the Wardrobe each morning and/or Hasty Erection (of ironing board, at least). seniortoeslately
  • To be proactive about my good intentions, to ensure I don't miss out on fabulous opportunities, like spending time with friends and exploring new areas. Waswondering
  • Win lottery. Solve world hunger. Achieve world peace. Lose weight. Get hair cut more often. Cure cancer. House the homeless. Stop going to bed with make-up on. Save the planet from ecological disaster. Re-freeze the poles. Marry Daniel Craig. Be kind to animals. IAmNotHere

For the the fanjo-conscious...

  • To shag at least four times a week, (should help with losing weight). MarriedToTheGrinch
  • More sex. ByThePowerOfBaileys
  • More sex. mankyscotslass
  • Less sex. Oh no, hold on that's not right. FrannyandZooey

For the barely conscious...

  • I don't really bother with resolutions because I'm too hungover on New Year's Day to remember to start them, then I feel a failure. Sazisi
  • To get focused enough to make some resolutions. singledadofthree
  • My New Years Resolution is 2560 x 1440 <giggles immaturely...drinks more sherry> DingDongFruitShootsMakeYouHigh
  • Ah! None for me: when you're the pinnacle of evolution, how does one possibly improve? sorkycake
  • World dommination. Looks like someone needs to be put in charge. Litchick

And finally...

  • To Mumsnet more. Obviously. VaginaMonologues

Now we'll raise our cup of kindness yet to that. Happy New Year! 

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