The Mumsnet Christmas Appeal

Christmas pine coneWhat's the Mumsnet Christmas Appeal all about - and how did it start? Here's a wee bit of history for you...

Way back in 2006, a Mumsnetter called soapbox started a thread. She said:

"I'm distressed reading about those of you who are worried sick about Christmas and having no money to buy things for your children. Rather than sit on my ample backside and do nothing, I have the following proposal: those of you who have old toys/gifts which are in good condition, or who are willing to buy a new gift for a child, can register your contributions with me. Those of you who are down on your uppers, can send me your details... [Donors] will be matched up with those people who would like a bit of a hand with Christmas. Good idea or not?"

"Great idea!" was the loud reply - and so the Mumsnet Christmas Appeal was born.

A few weeks – and 1,500 emails later – a worn-out soapbox (now renamed Soapythelistmaker) finished matching up donors with recipients, and the first parcels were despatched.

As the parcels arrived and were opened, it was clear, from the posts on the thank you thread, what a wonderful outpouring of generosity there'd been. Soapy summed up everyone's reaction, as only a Mumsnetter could:

"I just had to copy this over from the thank you thread... To those who have given: helping others is like wetting your pants, people can see what you have done, but only you get the warm feeling. I hope you all feel like you have wet your pants."

The following Christmases, Mumsnetters littlelapin, SaintGeorge and NormaStanleyFletcher respectively took on the mammoth task of running the ever-growing appeal, matching up hundreds of donors and recipients, and organising the mass posting of presents.

After four years of this super-generous spreadsheet lunacy, MNHQ realised the appeal had grown so huge that it was too much for one woman with one modem to coordinate. So we moved the organisational/spreadsheety bits and pieces inhouse and we've been doing it from MN Towers ever since.

The appeal continues to grow every year - and continues to add something extra special to every Mumsnetter's Christmas...


Last updated: 18-Oct-2013 at 3:16 PM