Christmas gift ideas for women: snug, savvy and stylish

After surefire present ideas for female friends and family? We've got something for every budget - and they've all cut the mustard with Mumsnet's savvy shoppers. 

And if you're still short of ideas? Visit our reviews section and check out our Swears By archive, where you'll find all the products Mumsnetters have raved about through the year.


Warm and cosy

Luxury pyjamas from £25

Top-notch PJs are a toasty treat at this time of year. Mumsnetter twolemonsinthefruitbowl says: "Interesting how many of us want new pyjamas - are the women of the world spending their evenings sprawled on their collective sofas in faded, mis-shapen, greyish rags? Or is that just me?"

Ugg slippers £100

Don't be deterred by dismissive remarks about fashion crimes - what you do in the comfort of your own home is your affair. Mumsnetter Old Roan says: "They've hardly worn at all and I lived in them last winter. Your feet are about to be the happiest they've ever been."


Gadgets at home

Roberts digital radio £209

The last word in luxury listening. This much-loved Cath Kidston design is pricey but pleasing if you can stretch to it. Mumsnetter KungFuBustle says: "The best gift DH ever got me was my digital radio."

iPad Air £371.29

Feel like a technical splurge? The sleek, chic iPad Air is a winner. Mumsnetter binger says: "I won an iPad and it's the best thing ever. Kindle Fire is great but I really prefer the iPad."


Style and beauty 


Becksondergaard scarf £6-£25.50

Borgen fans will like these Hanne-style scarves from Danish brand Becksondergaard, which come in a range of styles and prices. Mumsnetter Gobblersknob says: "A hundred, million times nicer than ones from other shops. They're huge, light, incredibly soft and really, really warm."


MUA Professional Eye Palette £4

A favourite budget beauty brand on Style and Beauty, the advantage of a palette is that you don't need to stress over colours. Mumsnetter OneLittleLady says: "In terms of colour, it's very similar to the Urban Decay Naked palette, but an absolute steal at the price."




MAC lipsticks from £15

Expensive enough to be a luxury; not quite as pricey as brands like Chanel. Huge range of colours: Ruby Woo and Dangerous are Mumsnet favourites. Mumsnetter Pinupgirl says: "After years wasting money on red lippies, I've finally found The One."              

Jo Malone cologne £39

A real treat. Blackberry and Bay is a particular hit with Mumsnetters. Mumsnetter mindgone says: "Another vote for Blackberry and Bay, I love it! It's really fresh and has a good hint of grapefruit."


Something from us 

The Mumsnet merchandise wait is finally over - get your MN tea towels, mugs, T-shirts and more. And for DMs and MILs, there are no better presents than the Gransnet tea towel or New Granny's Survival Guide.

 LTB tea towel  YABU/YANBU mug

LTB tea towel £9.99

Advice from the Mumsnet Relationship Talk board mavens distilled into one pithy and, often-but-not-always tongue-in-cheek acronym.

YABU/YANBU mug £9.99

Can't be bothered arguing? Simply flash the appropriate side of this mug to unreasonable people. (You aren't being unreasonable, obvs.)


Gransnet tea towel £4.99

This A to Z of grans, from arty to zany, would make a lovely gift from DC to their granny. Order by 10 December for guaranteed arrival before the big day.

The New Granny's Survival Guide £9.09

Sage words on many issues, including the balance between helping and interfering, and how to deal with bad behaviour.


Last updated: 06-Dec-2013 at 12:50 PM