Christmas gift ideas for children: eight of the best

Many Mumsnetters start their Christmas shopping when it's still T-shirt weather, but if you're not quite that organised, fear not - you can pinch their best ideas for your own DC.

Our selection of some of this year's top gifts for under-18s should help you make a decent start. For more ideas, you can visit our reviews section and check out our Swears By archive, where you'll find the products Mumsnetters have been raving about throughout the year.


Imaginative play

Playmobil various prices

An oldie but goodie, Playmobil's so popular it's been ranked a Mumsnet Best. Mumsnetter marylucyemily says: "It really is worth the money - the creativity it brings out in even the quietest of children will have you smiling to yourself for hours."

John Lewis wooden toy kitchen £50

One of JL's top-selling toys this Christmas. Junior chefs can keep busy while hard-liners in the war on plastic look on approvingly. "We've had the John Lewis wooden toy kitchen for years, it's lovely and well played with," says one Mumsnetter.



LeapPad Ultra £79.99

Mumsnetters' favourite tablet for children, without a doubt. "We love the LeapPad. I didn't want a cheap tablet as I don't want DD accidentally online buying in-game tokens," says one.

Furby Boom £59.99

The Furby's return is big news this Christmas. Isn't this Sarah Lund-esque festive edition delightful? As Mumsnetter wintercyclist says: "Furbys have come a long way. From creepy little toys with strange faces to quite cute and very fluffy."



The Mumsnet Book of Bedtime Stories £8.29

The winning entries in our bedtime stories competition, chosen by Michael Rosen and listed by the Independent as a 2013 book of the year for children. Mumsnetter UniS says: "A very attractive treasury book - good to give as a present."

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Hard Luck £5

Jeff Kinney's Wimpy Kid series has become a firm favourite with Mumsnetters and their DC over the years. Mumsnetter aristocrat describes them as "witty and charming. The illustrations are brilliant too".




Real Adventure Den Kit £34.95

An original gift that will get children back to nature. Mumsnetter JJakey says: "I bought one of these for my daughter last year and she adored it. Hours of good, imaginative play that makes you feel smug they don't only play on screens."

Hexbug Nano £3.99

If you've been presented with a list featuring the dreaded words 'a pet', this could be your saving grace. Perfect for kids who love all things creepy and crawly. Mumsnetter TheNewson says: "Great fun. The ideal pet."


Something from us

The joke may be lost on your DC, but these ethically produced T-shirts, from the long-awaited Mumsnet merchandise range will provide you with endless entertainment. Sizes to fit children aged between three and 14.

 PFB T-shirt  DD T-shirt

PFB T-shirt £14.99

Let people know exactly how Precious your First Born is by decking him or her out in this T-shirt. (Sorry, no T-shirt for NSCs.)

DD or DS T-shirt £14.99

Affirm your love for your DC - and Mumsnet - by popping a DS or DD T-shirt under the tree.




Last updated: 06-Dec-2013 at 12:49 PM