Christmas recipes

Want to produce groaning tables of festive fare without groaning over a gravy-spattered cookbook? We've got all your Christmas meals covered - plus drinks to accompany the festivities, and edible gifts that make thrifty and delicious presents.

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Here's a selection, but there are lots more on our Recipes pages. And if you have a special Christmas dish that you make every year that we haven't got listed, please add your recipe so we can all enjoy it.


Party nibbles

 pizza pinwheel salmon crostini brownies


avacado tomato mozzerella salmon pate


Christmas dinner

roast potates turkey sprouts



cranberry sauce stuffing red cabbage


Puddings and deserts

cupcake pudding sorbet


Christmas cake, mince pies, yule logs

xmas cake mince pie yule log


Christmas biscuits

star shortbread biscuits jam stars



bubble squeak turkey pie turkey curry


Edible gifts

 christmas biscuits chocolate fudge

Biscuit tree decorations

Personalised chocolate blocks

Festive fudge



cranbery mulled wine hot choc

Christmas tips from TV chefs

Cooking and baking advice from James Martin, Lorraine Pascale, Natalie Coleman and Nigel Slater.


Have we missed a trick? 

Got great Christmas food ideas to share? Please add to our Recipe index.



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