Christmas leftovers recipes

bubble and squeak

Ah, Christmas leftovers, that (seemingly) endless bounty of cold turkey, ham and veg. If you're struggling to come up with yet another way of serving up leftovers other than 'heated up', we've got easy, tasty recipes to inspire you.

And if you have a special leftovers recipe that you make every year that we haven't got listed, please add your recipe so we can all enjoy it.


Curried turkey
This spicy recipe uses curry spices, apple and redcurrent jelly for a more exotic way of using up your leftover chicken or turkey.

Bubble and squeak
No leftovers guide would be complete without the classic bubble and squeak, using butter, potatoes, bacon and cabbage. 

Leftovers and asparagus soup 
A great way of using up all those vegetables you lovingly peeled and chopped - and 100% vegetarian. 

New Year's game pie
With sausages, port, double cream and leftover meat, this pie is perfect for a decadent New Year's Day lunch. 

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Potato and leek soup with ham
A simple and easy way to whip up a warming winter soup out of leftover roast spuds and vegetables. 

Chicken pasta bake
For when you need a real post-Christmas boost, this carb-tastic pasta bake uses cheese, cherry tomatoes and pesto.  

Mulled wine sorbet
And finally, if you've overstocked on the mulled wine (or have a few batches lingering in the fridge) reversion it into a refreshing sorbet with this recipe. 


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