Christmas gift ideas for teenage boys

Teenage boys are definitely among the harder members of the family to buy for at Christmas. Too old for toys, yet too young for proper grown-up presents, it can be tempting to resort to socks and bodyspray. Don't! We've studied your suggestions on Talk to find out what you recommend as gifts for teen boys. 


Gift ideas for teenage boys

swiss army knife

Sports autobiographies


Video game




Accessories from Topman

dressing gown

Dressing gown 


Amazon voucher


DVD boxset






Gadgets from

Calvin Klein underwear 

Shaving kit 


What Mumsnetters say about buying for teenage boys

  • I give my teenagers a bag of crap every year, which goes down much better than any individual present. So a bag (gear bag, rucksack, handbag, whatever they need) full of cheapo stuff like socks, underpants etc, plus shaving cream, deodorant. I then add edibles and something a bit better (like a CD or a book) and a joke present like a Rubik's cube, puzzle or juggling balls. I buy bits and pieces over time, and it adds up to not much money for a very impressive looking present. Maryz
  • If he's into skateboards or scooting, you can get a huge range of accessories that would make cool gifts. Tiredteddy
  • Gadget Show live tickets were my son's favourite thing last year. They were a complete surprise and he loved the anticipation as well. Norksaremessy
  • Although mine are older, I always buy them something childish - last year we bought DS1 a silly Lego game, and a couple of packs of Lego mini figures. Lego was such a big part of his life growing up, and he loves it! BigBroomstickBIWI
  • Silly stuff is always popular - this year it's those aeroplanes you propel using an elastic band. Zippylovesgeorge
  • DS1 is very science mad, so I get him some geeky gifts from this websiteSecretsquirrels

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