Christmas gift ideas for men

Shopping for your significant other can be a headache, so we've combed through your Talk thread suggestions and pulled out a selection of 12 Christmas gifts for men, from the suits-all-tastes Netflix subscription to customised ordnance survey maps - and not a trace of aftershave in sight.

Alternatively, you could just follow Mumsnetter MOSagain's plan: "This year I'm going to take a leaf out of my husband's book.
 I will go into the first shop I find, pick up the first thing I see, not check it for size, go home, wrap it, and then on Christmas Day look stunned that he doesn't like it." 


Christmas gift ideas for men

Netflix subscription

iPod or MP3 player

Custom ordnance survey map



Beer gift box

Personalised gifts from the children


Gentleman's hamper

Male grooming vouchers 

Magazine subscription

Handmade gifts

Gig tickets

Savile row shirt


What Mumsnetters say about choosing men's Christmas presents

  • There is nothing to beat a gadget... but only if it is the RIGHT gadget. The wrong gadget gets a 'huh?' and it spends the rest of its life in a drawer in the garage. The right gadget is never left alone.
 But HOW do you tell the difference? NorksAreMessy
  • Magazine subscription for Top Gear magazine went down well last year. Driving games for Playstation as well. Mollyinthemoon 
  • What about an iPod shuffle, plus arm strap for the gym? (Also handy for when you're up at 6.30am pushing the buggy about, trying to get a child to sleep...) cestlavie
  • If you're really stuck, ask if there is anything he would really like. He doesn't have to have a surprise all the time. girlwhirly
  • I bought my DH a penknife once, he takes it everywhere. It's very useful - has a corkscrew for all wine-related emergencies! Cheeseandbiscuits
  • My partner got a little remote control helicoptor last year and loves it! He won't let the kids touch it, they are only allowed to watch. I often put up with it hovering above my head. pramsgalore
  • Popular presents in the past have included a ukulele, a bongo (which to be honest, is mainly now used as a side table) and one of those leather coin pouches. MrsWifty
  • Rather than booking an expensive 'experience', you could make up a day/weekend version youself, maybe something like mountain biking here, book a hostel or hotel depending on budget. Could be a family thing, or could arrange for him to do it with a friend. You could get any 'accessories' as extra stocking fillers too. Redbluegreen
  • Standard men presents: scarf, gloves, nice shirt, socks, slippers, nice umbrella. There are also food and booze type gifts. Fortnum & Mason do a 'merry gentleman' hamper that you could maybe nick some ideas from. Mummmmmy
  • My DH claims he doesn't need or want anything (apart from a PS3, which he ain't getting) but think he would be a bit surprised if I took him at his word! So I need something reasonably priced, not too tacky/joky but not too poncy - I'll know when I see it. Probably doesn't exist. Greedygirl

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