Parenting advice from toddlers through pre-teens to teenagers

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One minute they're taking their first steps, the next they're heading off to senior school, and looking for their first job.

Share the experience and be guided through each stage, with words of wisdom and support, plus expert advice.


Back to school

From beating the morning rush to mastering the art of the perfect packed lunch, our back to school guide tells you everything you need to know (except where they've put their PE kit).


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As your child grows up and gains independence, prepare for some frank – and quite possibly challenging – conversations. Face the tween years with a bit of insight from experienced Mumsnetters.


I'm okay

Are you trying to give advice on everything from school to sex, and prepare your teen for the big wide world? Find tips for helping them through the stresses of exams and a hectic social life, while coping with your own parental worries.

Special needs children

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There's a great group of parents to children with various special needs on Mumsnet offering advice, information and support – both practical and emotional.

Children's party food

party food

Whether throwing a kids' party fills you with joy, or dread – be prepared (as the scouts wisely taught us) with our guide to festivities and food.

Need something to do?

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Look no further for things to keep everyone entertained through long weekends, school holidays, rainy days, sunny days…


family wellies

Whether you're in the market for a car seat or planning your family holiday, see what products, days out and more Mumsnetters recommend.



Fussy eaters, potty training, tantrums – the toddler years pose some new challenges. But fear not. We've got top tips from those who have seen it all, and survived to tell the (often hilarious) tales.

Feeling poorly?

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It's never nice to see little ones under the weather. Mumsnetters share some simple tips for comforting kids and making the whole family feel a bit better.

Find things to do near you

Choose your Local site then search through the listings to find recommendations from other families in your area. Places to go, activities, classes, upcoming events and much more.