Volvo XC90

The Essentials

  • Price from £36,045
  • What Car? says: 3 star rating
  • Fuel economy: up to 34.4mpg
  • What is it? Classy, comfortable and spacious seven-seat SUV
  • Your Reviews

    "Nippy, spacious and love the built-in child seat"



    It's one of the safest cars on the road, looks streamlined and has brought me and our family of 5 much joy. I can easily grab extra kids for a trip and also take it out 4x4 driving which adds to the adventure. The double glassed windscreen also makes me feel much safer should something hit the windscreen.

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    "Really great, easy to drive, comfortable and has heated seats!"



    I love this car! We bought our 2nd hand for a good price and it is amazing. There is plenty of space. It is much less thirsty than our previous 4x4 (Frontera) and it tows the boat as if you are pulling nothing at all. Took a while to get used to the gearbox (automatic or automatic but you can change gears but without the clutch). It seats 7 really comfortably and still has a reasonable amount of boot space. I was really worried about driving something so big but have found it relatively easy. The children love the space and we are now the village mini busy for trips and things.

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    "Feels safe but a bit like driving an oil tanker as so huge"



    We bought our 9 year-old XC90 last winter after I wrote off our Fiat Multipla on black ice. We live in the countryside and my school run involves narrow lanes that are never gritted and I wanted the safest car we could afford. This is it. I feel very safe in it, but I do feel like it's driving itself sometimes as it's so big and has an automatic gearbox. We love the heated seats and leather interior.

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    "Spacious, comfortable, nice handling but juicy"



    Love our XC90. We looked at VW Toureg (contender), BMW X5 (less features for your money), Range Rover Evoque (too squashy)and Audi Q7 (expensive and didn't like the drive). We also tried out the Volvo XC60 but it just felt like a big hatchback, not a 'proper' Chelsea Tractor smile

    The car is super comfy, really spacious (great when we are picking up DC friends as well as our own) and good for us as I take my dad and his wheelchair to hospital appointments and wheelchair just slides in to the boot with no effort.

    The drive was much grippier and nippier than I expected - the turbo kicks in on quite low revs so you don't feel like you are driving a transit van which some of the 4x4s do feel a bit like.

    I love the millions of options for lumbar support and we got the media pack which is 'allowed' on long journeys and frankly, a godsend.

    We get about 29mpg around town and a bit more on longer journeys. I feel safe, that the children are safe and even my DH (who was all snooty about Volvo and wanted BMW or Range Rover) has been won over.

    Some of the styling is a little dated and can be quite juicy in traffic.

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