Citroen C3 Picasso

The Essentials

  • Price from £12,995
  • What Car? says: 4 star rating
  • Fuel economy: up to 68.9mpg
  • What is it? The C3 Picasso has attention-grabbing looks and a classy, spacious cabin. It's comfortable and good to drive, too
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    "Nippy and cheap to run but fatal lack of storage."



    This made sense on so many levels. It is a comfortable car for front and back seat travellers alike and is cheap to run and fun to drive. It fatal flaw is the tiny boot space. I started off worrying about IKEA trips and camping, but soon found out we struggled with the weekly shop if everyone's gym kit/wellies etc were already loaded. Avoid if this sounds like you.

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    "Love this car!"



    I've had a C3 Picasso since January of this year and am so glad I chose it over the other makes I was looking at.
    I have a diesel (1.6 TDI vtr+) model and have found the fuel economy to be brilliant (managed to drive from Thetford, Norfolk - Hemel Hempsted without the fuel gauge moving)plus it is a really easy car to drive and park.
    My only criticism would be the fact the parcel shelf in the boot doesn't stay where it's supposed to and it's a bit off a faff to put it back in place.
    Would recommend this car to anyone and will be looking to get another when we change cars again.

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    "Good car but lacks space"



    I have been driving this along with a Ceed and I have to admit that the Ceed is more spacious. I have a little one and I find that when she is in the C3, my pram doesn't fit in the boot. Where as in the Ceed, the pram fits in perfectly.

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    "Comfy driving, lacking in storage, can get two ERF seats in"



    Meh! I'm in love with this car for comfort and the fact that I can fit two Extended Rear Facing seats in without compromising on leg room in the front. It handles and drives very well, I'm loving the diesel economy as well.

    But I'm not impressed with the storage... there are plenty of cubby holes for little things, the glove box fits a travel pack of tissues, dash box fits very little. Rear footwell boxes fit the hat, mittens stash and spare nappies/wet wipes. But they are all small spaces. The boot is tight spaced, my Maclaren Techno XLR fits in diagonally, the phil and teds E3 only fits if on it's side and nothing else inside. I used to carry a crate with all the children [and husband] essentials and I haven't got room for it. If I do the supermarket shop, I have to get the buggy out the boot in advance as the shopping just won't fit. It's the first car that short me and tall DH both find comfortable driving, with great visibility.

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