Ford delays launch of new Mondeo

Ford Mondeo

Ford is delaying the launch of its new Mondeo again, putting the next generation of the popular family car back to the 'end of 2014'. 

Ford has announced the new target date as part of its fresh drive to cut costs in its European division, which includes the likely closure of the German factory where the current Mondeo is built. If the closure is confirmed, the new car will be produced in Ford's Valencia factory, which will take time to be adapted for the job. 
The delay means the current Mondeo design will be eight years old before its replacement arrives, and will still have to fend off fresher rivals such as the new Mazda 6 and VW Passat
Ford's European boss said the company is confident that the current Mondeo can remain competitive for another two years. "We think it's in a good place at the moment," he said, "and the demand is still strong. There are things we can and will do with the current car, in the powertrain line-up, to keep it strong." 
It's likely that such revisions to the engine and transmission could cut the car's CO2 emissions.