Fiesta-based SUV coming to UK

Ford Ecosport

Ford has confirmed that its Ecosport mini-SUV will go on sale in the UK next year. The beefed-up supermini, which is already on sale in Brazil, India and China, will be a rival for the likes of the Nissan Juke and Nissan Countryman. 


The interior layout is clearly based on the Fiesta, right down to the mobile phone-inspired stereo controls. However, the plastics and finish are altogether harsher and rougher, due to the fact that the car has been built to a limited cost for its core market, Brazil. It's hard to see how Ford could get away with charging more than a premium of around £2000 over equivalent Fiestas, but it may try.  
Ford Ecosport
At the rear, the side-opening tailgate requires a large amount of clearance so you'll need to be careful where you park. 
Still, the Ecosport is a neat mini-SUV that will appeal to anyone after a raised driving position (it also has 200mm of ground clearance) and compact dimensions (it's less than four metres long, about the same as a five-door Fiesta).  
The Ecosport will be part of a trio of SUVs from Ford. The company has also just announced that the Edge, a large SUV already on sale in the USA, will be sold in Europe, giving Ford a rival to the Hyundai Santa Fe. A new Ford Kuga will sit in between these models. 
Ford Ecosport
The Ford Ecosport is part of a new trend for supermini-based SUVs. The Vauxhall Mokka, based on the Corsa, will go on sale at the end of this year, with Peugeot launching a 208-based SUV next year. Fiat is also planning to launch a small SUV based on its 500L mini-MPV, while Honda is thought to be considering an SUV based on the Jazz