2014 Mini revealed in manufacturer 'teaser' photo

2014 Mini 2


Mini has released this image of its 2014 hatchback after spy footage of the car was leaked online earlier this week. 

The yellow model is shown under covers but its profile and, most notably, the longer front overhangs are clearly visible. 
The 2014 Mini will make its public debut before the end of this year, and production processes have already been installed at the manufacturer's factory in Oxford. From next year the car will also be produced in the Netherlands, to meet the strong demand the manufacturer expects.
The new car's chassis will share parts with the next generation of BMW 1 Series, and will be available with two lengths of wheelbase. This will allow Mini to create not only direct replacements for the current three-door hatch and the Clubman 'estate', but also a regular five-door model – as opposed to the SUV-style Countryman – which will be designed as a direct rival for the Audi A3 Sportback and Mercedes A-Class. 
Hopes of a 'mini Mini', closer in size to Minis of old, appear to be ill-founded, however. The Rocketman concept car suggested that Mini could be considering a city car even smaller than the regular three-door, but official sources say the new model's chassis can't be shortened enough to accommodate the design, so the project has been scrapped. 
Spy shots have shown possible prototypes with a more conventional dashboard set-up than that of the current car, and it seems likely that the huge central speedometer will fall victim to the changes. Instead, we expect the new Mini to sport a regular speedo and rev-counter behind the steering wheel, and the infotainment system high up in the familiar circle in the centre of the dashboard. 
The air-conditioning controls will probably be mounted lower down, along with the toggle-style switches. Engineers are also likely to use the shared parts with the 1 Series to introduce a version of BMW's iDrive infotainment controller on high-end Mini models. 
The engine line-up should be radically different from the current car's as the new Mini is expected to introduce a new set of BMW Group motors. These will be turbocharged three-cylinder petrol and diesel engines, with power outputs from around 115bhp. The new chassis will also be able to accommodate engines up to 2.0-litres in size, and offer both two- and four-wheel drive.