World Book Day

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Yes, it's nearly that time again. This year, World Book Day is on Thursday 5 March. Somehow it always manages to creep up on us… But fear not the costume conundrum – we're here to save the day with some brilliant, not to mention simple, costume ideas gleaned from years of Mumsnetters' experience. 



Costume inspration

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Whether you're a whizz with the sewing machine or looking to pull something together last minute, Mumsnetters have an array of great costume suggestions.

How to make a dinosaur costume

Transform your child into The Dinosaur That Pooped with this simple (but seriously cool) costume. Grab some wrapping paper, a shoebox, a belt and hoody – and follow our easy steps.

This year's WBD books

Find out more about the 10 special edition books children can buy with their £1 World Book Day token this year. Including Elmer's Parade, Dennis the Mennis: World Menace Day, and Geek Girl: Geek Drama.

Enter our competition

Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell costume

Share a pic of your DCs dressed as their fave literary character (or in the most inspired costume you could come up with in 10 minutes) for the chance to win an array of Dear Zoo goodies – and a full set of the WBD books.

Join in with Children's Book Club

Children's books

Want reading recommendations for a variety of ages, the chance to win free books, chat to authors, and more? Come over to our Children's Book Club and share your (and your DCs') thoughts on your latest read.

Children's books on Talk

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Are the Hunger Games books too mature for Year 6 children? Struggling to find a children's book with a feisty female character? Share your thoughts and queries on children's books Talk topic.

Teaching your child to read

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From reading together, to recommending books they'll love, there's a variety of ways to help your child learn to read – and enjoy it. See our facts and tips for guiding them through the stages.

Support independent bookshops in your area

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What better way to celebrate World Book Day than by supporting your local independent bookshop. Our Local editors have rounded up the best of the bunch where you are.