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Young Summer Reads

Children’s Summer Reads 2015

The school hols are almost upon us, and with any luck a good chunk of time can be spent lounging in the sun with a great book – and there’s no reason why the DCs shouldn’t join in too.

To help out, we’ve compiled a list of this year’s best summer reads for kids – take a look at our bunch of brilliant picture books and new picks for 5-8 year-olds, as well as recommendations for readers aged 9-12, and a round up of our favourite new teen and YA novels.


Book Giveaway: Princess Mirror-Belle & The Dragon Pox

Ellen gets a big shock when her double appears out of the bathroom mirror –  Princess Mirror-Belle is a double with a difference! The perfect book for early readers, we’ve got 50 copies to give away this week.

Book Giveaway: The Bolds by Julian Clary

Apply for a copy of The Bolds, Julian Clary’s wild new children’s book. Mr and Mrs Bold are just like you and me – except for one slight difference: they’re hyenas.

Competition: Design a birthday card for Miffy

Miffy's Birthday

It’s Miffy’s 60th birthday this year, and to celebrate Simon & Schuster are giving away a bundle of Miffy goodies. Simply design a birthday card with your DC and post it on the thread to enter.

Competition: What's the most disgusting thing your child has ever done?

Dirty Bertie

Mumsnetters! We’re asking you to tell us the most disgusting thing your child has ever done for the chance to win copies of Dirty Bertie: Jackpot! and a £100 Argos voucher. Don’t hold back…

Best Judy Blume books?

Are you there, God? It's me, Margaret.

With the release of her new – and allegedly her last – book, Mumsnetters discuss their favourite Judy Blume novels and when they’ll be sharing them with their children. 

Books that bring a tear to your eye

Once There Were Giants

Do your eyes ever well up half way through a children’s story? You’re not alone, Mumsnetters discuss the worst offenders here. 

Children's book reviews

The Witches

Search our children’s book reviews (arranged by age group) for inspiration when you’ve read The Gruffalo one too many times, or for suggestions of new authors and titles. 

Tips for reluctant readers


If you’ve spent more time pleading, bargaining and bribing your kids to read than they’ve actually spent with a book, Mumsnetters have got 11 top tips for you…