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Spring Books

Spring is here, and with the change in weather comes a whole host of great new books to enjoy with your children. Whether it's a new bedtime story to share with toddlers or chapter books to challenge early readers, we've got books to suit all literary appetites. Watch out next week for our list of best new books for older readers and teens.  

Imaginary friend? Tell us about yours to win

Moone Boy

Ever had an imaginary friend? To celebrate the release of Moone Boy: The Blunder Years, we're giving away exclusive Moone Boy goodies to the MNer with our favourite make-believe companion.

Book giveaway: All Aboard the Dinosaur Express

All Aboard the Dinosaur Express

With doors like pterodactyl wings and seats as comfy as allosaurus paws, the Dinosaur Express is a train like no other. We’re giving away 50 copies of this delightful picture book, perfect for dino- mad toddlers.  

Calling all aspiring writers!


To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Stormbreaker - the first novel from the hugely popular Alex Rider series - we caught up with author Anthony Horowitz and found out his top five tips for putting pen to paper. 

Children's book reviews

The Witches

Search our children's book reviews (arranged by age group) for inspiration when you've read The Gruffalo one too many times, or for suggestions of new authors and titles. 

Monsters Love Underpants goodies up for grabs

Monsters Love Underpants

Are your DC monster mad? Get your DC to design a pair of pants for a chance to win a bundle of Monsters Love Underpants goodies.

Tips for reluctant readers


If you've spent more time pleading, bargaining and bribing your kids to read than they've actually spent with a book, Mumsnetters have got 11 top tips for you...

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