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Featured debut author Sharon Guskin's book The Forgetting Time tells the story of Noah who can't forget a former life. His mother, reluctant to medicate him, turns to a shunned psychiatrist in search of answers…

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Feeling 'Stuffocated'? We've got a book for that.


Feeling stuffocated in your own house? Learn how to live more with less with James Wallman. Read his top 5 tips for a clutter-free home and apply for a free copy. Look out for the Q&A with James in March.

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February Book of the Month

Noise of Time

We're delighted to announce that our February book of the month is the incredible Julian Barnes' new novel The Noise of Time. Read the book, discuss with fellow readers during the month and come and chat to Barnes himself on 23 February!

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Last year, the MN discussion about the 50 Book Challenge became a bustling source of brilliant book recommendations. If you're keen to join in this year's reading challenge, and you're looking for inspiration, check out MNers' favourite books from 2015.

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Margaret Atwood

Eight delicious nuggets from the literary legend Margaret Atwood's Mumsnet webchat – from her advice for aspiring writers to fashion tips, and her friendship with Angela Carter

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10 annoying book tropes

Annoying book tropes

Scatty heroines? Twee titles? Lack of basic research into the female anatomy?
Mumsnetters share the 10 things that get their literary goat.

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the winding stair

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Mumsnet Book of Bedtime Stories

Did you know that in addition to the vast repository of wisdom that is Mumsnet Talk, you can also get some of the best bits in book form? Find out more about our Mumsnet guides, including the Book of Bedtime Stories written by Mumsnetters.