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"How I communicate with my non-verbal child"

non-verbal child

Abstract Lucas describes how far her son's communication skills have come since being told at birth that he'd never speak, and urges everyone to make the effort to speak to children like him

"What happens to ambition when we become mothers?"

working mum

Following the launch of our Jobs board, Head in Book debunks some 'working mum' stereotypes, and asks whether women really trade fulfilment for flexibility when they become mothers.

Dementia Awareness: "My beloved parents struggle on"


To mark Dementia Awareness Week, CMOTDibbler describes her mum's diagnosis with the illness and her parents' daily struggle to stay independent, and says the support of fellow Mumsnetters has been invaluable

"I'm a single parent with mental health issues"

single mother

Martha Roberts describes what it's like to live with bipolar affective disorder while caring for her son alone - "where is the support?" she asks, and says she feels ignored by policy makers.

"We must ask our doctors: 'is this treatment necessary?'"


Professor Sue Bailey argues that doctors need to stop 'over-treating' in order to save much-needed resources, and says patients must be empowered to make informed decisions about their care

"How to *really* help your child during exam season"


With exams looming large, Elizabeth McFarlane - whose son is taking his GCSEs - shares what she's learnt, and says that parents must remember that it is their children who are taking the tests - not them 

M.E. Awareness Week: "No, I'm not 'just tired'"

me awareness

To mark M.E. Awareness Week, Catherine Hale shares her experience of living with the illness - and says that we must not forget the truly invisible sufferers, those who are cannot even leave their beds

"I won't be manipulated into voting tactically"


Nathalie McDermott from Vote for Policies explains why she'll be voting with her heart in the general election, and urges others to do the same

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