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left out child

"The Women's Equality Party needs you"


Sophie Walker writes on why British politics needs a party focused on gender equality, and urges everyone to stand behind them and help shape their policies.

"Why we need to build more accessible housing"

accessible housing

There is currently a desperate lack of disabled-friendly housing stock - Jade Hamnett shares her story of living in unsuitable accommodation, and argues that more needs to be done now to prevent this turning into an unsolvable crisis

"My little boy is 'girly' - and he already feels judged"

lady gaga

Mum's Honest Truth's son loves dressing up as Lady Gaga, but he's already started to feel the pressure of gender stereotypes. Here, she discusses encouraging her son to be himself and her desire to protect him from others

"It's hard to adjust to being financially dependent"

couple finances

Aileen Few (a.k.a (Mal)contented Mother) descibes how her husband becoming the sole breadwinner affected their relationship and argues that honest discussion is the only way to solve the problem

'Why we need Autism Awareness Day'


Reprobate Mum shares how her son - who has Asperger's - is facing new struggles as he gets older, and says the world must become more accepting of neurodiversity

"Why parliament needs more mothers"


Annika Eade questions why there are still so few mothers in politics and urges everyone to support the 50:50 campaign for equal representation in parliament

"Let's show how systematic maternity discrimination is"


Joeli Brearley explains why she's set up Pregnant then Screwed, a space where mothers can share their tales of workplace discrimination - and shares her personal story

Why we need to talk about the menopause


Following Angelina Jolie Pitt's decision to have her ovaries removed, thereby prompting early menopause - and her choice to discuss it - Elaine Miller writes on why we must talk openly about the euphemism-laden "change"

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