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spice girls

Guest post: Tabloid soft porn - 'it's a child protection issue'


Campaigners have been pressuring supermarkets to protect children from lads' mags and chats mags - but tabloids with scantiy clad women and sensationalist sex headlines are still prominently displayed. Here, blogger and campaigner Stephanie Davies-Arai asks why - and argues that those at the top must take responsibility.


Guest post: Are things more weighted against women in the dating game?


MN bloggers Scars, Tears and Training Bras is returning to dating in her mid-thirties, after the end of a long-term relationship and a year of breast cancer treatment. Here, she shares her experiences and argues that apps like Tinder have changed the rules - and not necessarily for the better.

Guest post: 'I'm married with two children - and I live with my parents'

moving home

Welcome to the boomerang generation: unable to afford a home of their own, a growing number of adults are being forced to move back in with their parents. Here, MN blogger Kiran Chug ponders the positives and negatives of flying back to the nest after having a family of her own.

Guest post: 'Oh Derek!' - talking to my four-year old about sex

sex ed

After observing her daughter's new interest in pairing her toys up in <ahem...> intimate scenarios, Willow Oddie ponders where this new-found interest in love and sex emerged from, and how best to tackle sex education for the under-fours. 

Announcing BlogFest 2014!


BlogFest 2014 has officially landed! Our glittering celebration of sharp writing and big ideas will be held at Kings Place on Saturday 8th November - and if you book now, you can take advantage of our brilliant Super Early Bird ticket, priced at just £59

Guest post: Legal aid cuts - 'the family courts have become a two-tier system'

legal aid

Following legal aid cuts, 46% of parties in family proceedings are representing themselves. In this guest post, solicitor Liz Fisher Frank argues that we now have a two-tier system, where parents who can afford lawyers are in a much stronger position - and this is a threat not only to justice, but the well-being of the children involved. 

Guest post: 'Mental health care for new mothers is fundamentally broken'


This week, figures from The National Childbirth Trust revealed that only 3% of Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) have a perinatal mental health strategy. MN blogger Beth Bone - who suffered severe postnatal depression - argues that these figures expose the huge gaps in provision for new mothers, and explains why this desperately needs to change. 

Guest post: Talking about sex on Mumsnet, and why it matters

mn and sex

Following the media furore over penis beaker, Professor Sarah Pedersen decided to research the way women use Mumsnet to continue their sex education. Here, she explains how 'traditional' media has let women down, and argues that the internet offers a new space for women to discuss and celebrate their sexuality. 

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