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Why we need to talk about the menopause


Following Angelina Jolie Pitt's decision to have her ovaries removed, thereby prompting early menopause - and her choice to discuss it - Elaine Miller writes on why we must talk openly about the euphemism-laden "change"

Are you a member of the network? It's census time!


We're carrying out our first ever bloggers' census and we want to hear your thoughts on the network! The survey takes just a couple of minutes to complete, and as a special thank you we've got come exciting prizes lined up for you.

"I am an attachment parent because of my feminism"


MN blogger Chrissy Chittenden argues that attachment parenting is the only genuinely feminist 'parenting philosophy', because, she says, it puts women and their mothering instinct first

PDA syndrome - "my daughter is not naughty"


Jane Sherwin battled with her daughter's extreme behaviour for years - here, she describes their journey to diagnosis, and says that we must raise awareness of pathological demand avoidance syndrome so that other parents are not dismissed

Mother's Day - "Have I been a good enough daughter?"

mothers day

To mark Mother's Day , Róisín Ingle, co-author of The Daughterhood, shares how her relationship with her mother has changed - and how she's tried to become less dependent, and more dependable

'I had no idea how all-consuming feeding kids was'

feed me

One of our most basic parental duties is making sure our children have enough to eat - but it's a task riddled with anxieties, writes Esther Walker, who was taken aback by the intensity of feeding her daughter, and the constant worry over whether or not she was full

'Does the division of labour feel fair in your house?'

chore wars

Things may appear more equal on the domestic front than in decades past, but we must consider the types of tasks men and women do around the home, argues Jennifer Senior, bestselling author of 'All Joy And No Fun - the paradox of modern parenting'

'Mumsnet is like having a thousand extra sisters'


11th March marks 15 years of Mumsnet - in honour of the occasion, Mumsnet veteran Philippa Molloy shares what the site has meant to her, and decribes how Mumsnetters contributed to the Beds in the Orchard campaign

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