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"I was frightened of disability - then we had our twins"

James Melville-Ross says his severely disabled 12-year-old twins have brought something wonderful into his family's life.

"I wish I'd warned my son about railway safety"

As a new report reveals that railway trespass doubles over the summer holidays, Siobhan Hubbard says her son's life changed forever after a moment of madness.

"We need to change the conversation about screen time"

We need to move away from the idea that children's use of technology is invariably problematic, say Alicia Blum-Ross and Sonia Livingstone.

"In summer, there's no escaping the motherload"

The reason mothers bear the brunt of summer childcare is pure economics, says Ingrid Wassenaar - but when it comes to high expectations of the holidays, we can be our own worst enemies. 

"My child made me face my prejudices towards disability"

Henny Beaumont thought she was expressing the unspeakable when she wrote about how she coped with her daughter's Down's syndrome diagnosis.

"This is why we need to Reclaim the Internet"

After speaking at the Reclaim the Internet conference, Jess Phillips MP says the online community must stand together to combat abuse.

FGM: "Two hundred million girls didn't choose to be cut"

In response to suggestions that a new approach is needed in the battle against FGM, survivor Leyla Hussein says the practice must never be viewed as anything other than abuse.

Sony Xperia - our bloggers share their X Moments


Sony asked our bloggers to share their 'X Moments' - those precious, fleeting moments that make life what it is - along with a photo that captures that moment. Check out their posts on our linky. 

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