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Misogyny and video games: should we be worried?

It was recently revealed that players of the of the controversial video game Grand Theft Auto have re-written the code to enable them to 'rape' other players. Gamer and writer Melissa Welliver writes on why we must pay particular attention to misogyny and violence in gaming.

The Big Idea: what's your story-telling inspiration?

teh big idea

If you dream of writing a children's book, grab this chance. Add a post telling us where you get your story-telling inspiration from, and you could win a coffee with a top children's publisher. And while you're at it, do check out The Big Idea competition. 

'My baby had tongue-tie - so why did I feel I'd failed?'

When MN blogger Ellie Stoneley had baby Hope, she was left feeling guilty and inadequate after struggling to breastfeed. A chance encounter led to Hope being diagnosed with tongue-tie, and here, Ellie urges more awareness and support for the condition. 

Baby names - what do our choices say about us?

Last week, the most popular names in England and Wales were announced, with Amelia and Oliver taking the top spots. In this guest post, Eeh Bah Mum tackles the thorny issue of what our kids' names say about us. How did you decide yours?

The One Plus One - what our bloggers thought

one plus one

We gave 10 lucky bloggers the chance to review The One Plus One, the latest novel from best-selling author Jojo Moyes. If you're after some holiday reading, browse their reviews on our linky, and do add your own if you've read it too - we'd love to know your views!

The Hackney Doula: 'What I've learnt about birth'

Bumpfest speaker Rebecca Schiller's decision to become a doula came as a surprise to her family, but - as she writes here - her work has taught her more about life than anything else she's done. 

Great British Bake Off: add your posts to our blog hub


The Great British Bake Off is back, and oh how we've missed it. Obviously, each episode needs meticulous minute by minute analysis, so we've designated a little corner of the internet for any GBBO related posts - *the* place to go if you need your fill of Bake Off thoughts and feels (and recipes!) - do add your posts.

Starting pre-school: will my son be treated differently for having two mums?

As parents wave their children off for the first day of school or nursery, Caroline Briggs-Harris reflects on what spending their days away from the familiarity of home means for kids and wonders how her son will respond if he's questioned about having two mums

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