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Navigating Christmas when your child is deaf and blind


So much of the run-up to Christmas is about sensory delight - but what if your child cannot see or hear? MN blogger Jane Ring describes how they've adapted festivities for their deafblind daughter, Chloe

'Pro-life protesters have no idea of the harm they cause'


On December 17, anti-abortion protester Bernadette Smyth was sentenced to 100 hours of community service for harassing Dawn Purvis, the Director of Marie Stopes Northern Ireland - here, Dawn says it's essential that women can access abortions without fear

'Why we must scrap the Bedroom Tax'

bedroom tax

On December 17, MPs voted against scrapping the bedroom tax - here, shadow secretary of state for work and pensions Rachel Reeves argues that the policy doesn't work, and punishes the most vulnerable

Is there a 'right way' to discipline your child?


Disciplining children is notoriously difficult to negotiate - here, MN blogger Camilla Hill shares her various attempts to keep order, and says we all need to give ourselves a break

'Flexible working is essential for single parents'

single parent

There are 8.7 million full-time workers who want to work flexibly but aren't able to - here, Gingerbread's Octavia Holland explains why single parents are particularly affected, and calls on the government to make it a legal right for employees to request flexible working at the point of job offer

Michelin: what do bloggers say about tyre safety?


Back in October, over 1,000 Mumsnetters completed a survey for Michelin on tyres and tyre safety. It's an often overlooked subject, but incredibly important. Now, we've asked our bloggers to review the findings and give their verdict.

Criminalising coercive control won't improve victims' lives

coervice control

On December 8, Panorama heard from women who have endured non-violent domestic abuse, which is now likely to be made a criminal offence - here, Sandra Horley argues that this is unworkable, and says what's needed is a radical shift in the way society responds to domestic violence

Christmas at MNBN


We've got not one, but two, festive treats to get you in the Yuletide spirit. Head over to the our advent calendar for a daily dose of festivity - and if that isn't enough for you, we've got a linky positively overflowing with Christmas cheer. Do add your posts!

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