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"We waited 13 years for my child's dyslexia diagnosis"

No one guessed Margaret Rooke's high-flying daughter could be dyslexic – until she pushed for private testing. But despite the difficulties dyslexia causes, it shouldn't be seen as a barrier to success.

"Charging for plastic bags should be just the start"

plastic bag

The introduction of a 5p charge for plastic bags could be just the push consumers in England need to change their habits, writes Zoe Morrison. She looks at the damage caused by single-use bags and offers tips for switching to reusable ones.

Smoking in cars: "The ban is essential to protect children"


As of October 1, smoking in cars carrying children is illegal – here, Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies urges parents to abide by the law for the safety of their children.

Save the Children Club: bloggers' reviews

save the children

Save the Children have launched a new Club that aims at educating 7-11-year-olds in the UK about children around the world - we asked three bloggers to give their verdict.

Endometriosis - more than 'just period pain'


Rachel Buchanan suffered the misery of endometriosis for years before getting a diagnosis. She writes here about the so-called 'women's disease'.

Homeless at 16: "The law must change"

homeless girl

Cash Carraway had nowhere safe to go when her mother threw her out at 16. She recounts a lost decade and finds that almost 20 years on, nothing has changed.

"I called my son a dick on my blog - so what?"

MN blogger and Blogfest '14 speaker Kirsty Smith writes about her refusal to sugarcoat family life - despite online attacks.

Teaching children to save the world

world, classroom

As world leaders commit to ambitious Global Goals, teacher Stacey Hirlam looks around the classroom and sees a group of children who could make the extraordinary happen

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