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"As a new parent I struggled to find reassurance"

Unmumsy Mum Sarah Turner

Sarah Turner pledged total honesty as an antidote to rose-tinted portrayals of motherhood when she started the blog which led to her book deal

"Forced marriage - I was one of the lucky ones"

Forced marriage

Nearly 11 years after being forced into marrying a man she barely knew, Fozia Shah still feels hurt, despite making the marriage work.

"Abortion must be decriminalised"

In the UK a woman can go to prison for ending her pregnancy without the legal authorisation of doctors - this must change, says Ann Furedi, chief executive of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service.

"My sons were child soldiers"

As more than 200,000 people shelter in camps and war ravages Sudan, Unicef's Emily Poyser says 16,000 children are associated with armed groups. They are a generation at risk of being lost.

"Secondary infertility brought us heartache and loss"

Victoria Welton

Victoria Welton has chosen to use an overseas egg donor after years of feeling guilty about her unexplained infertility. Now, her family has hope.

"In our reality, your sister can be gone overnight"

Nearly 18 months after her step-daughter's suicide, Jenny Leonard says her family is still broken, but slowly getting back on track.

"Pop music will lift you - and your child - up"

Introducing children to music can be about more than endless renditions of Wind the Bobbin Up, says Jude Rogers, author of Pop! For kids. She shares her tips for passing your musical taste on. 

"Food refusal in children isn't anyone's fault"

Food refusal is often caused by sensory sensitivity, and there are innate differences in the extent to which children will accept foods of certain textures, says Dr Gillian Harris.

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