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Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie - our bloggers review

The Peanuts gang make their feature film debut in Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie, and we asked our bloggers to give their verdict.

"The children's hospice has given us a lifeline"


Jenny Lowther was heartbroken when her son was diagnosed with a severe type of epilepsy, but she says at the children's hospice their family can appreciate the time they have together.

"I will never stop searching for my missing son"

Nicki Durbin

A decade has passed since Nicki Durbin's son went on a night out and never came home - she says the pain of losing him will never leave her.

"It's hard not to cut my mother off completely"

MN blogger All Light with a Piece of Dark believes we don't owe our parents a relationship if they were cruel to us. 

"I've slowly accepted my son's life-limiting condition"

Geraldine Renton

Geraldine Renton explains how her son changed her outlook and prompted her to raise awareness about Hunter syndrome

Depression: "My mother believed I could get better

Hannah Woodhead was diagnosed with depression as a teenager, and realises now how invaluable her mother's support was.

"My daughter was born with albinism"

Emily Urquhart learnt as much as she could about her daughter's condition - but she was unprepared for the sorrow she felt when her son was born without it.

The employers who won't hire women

The new Mumsnet survey on employers and maternity discrimination shows a reluctance by some to recruit women of child-bearing age - Olivia Knight says attitudes must change.

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