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'I'm fed up of having to perform my disability'


The media stereotype of disabled people tends to fall in two camps, 'worthy cripples' or 'benefit scroungers', argues MN blogger Lucy Britton - here, she explores how societal expectations around disability affect her own behaviour

'The Sun has shown how little respect it has for women'


Following the reinstatement of bare breasts on Page 3 after a brief hiatus, MN blogger Victoria Smith (a.k.a Glosswitch) writes that The Sun's stunt will strengthen, rather than strangle, the No More Page 3 campaign

'It's wrong to test four-year-olds like this'


Baseline assessments for Reception children will be trialled in schools this September - here, Chief Executive of Early Education Beatrice Merrick argues that four-year-olds should not be subjected to 'check-list' tests, and urges the government to rethink

Plug your January posts!


We're halfway through January <gulp> and with winter showing no signs of abating, it's tempting to throw in the towel with new year's resolutions - to give everyone a boost, we're asking you to share you healthy-living January posts on our linky. Get plugging!

Nursery funding - 'we can't do it on a shoestring'


It's been revealed that parents are paying more for childcare to subsidise free nursery places - here, early years manager Helen Horner describes how nurseries are operating on a tiny budget, and says the government must provide more funding

'I wish I could tell my daughter her boys are fine'


When Jean Gross's daughter Kate died on Christmas Day, she left behind her five-year-old twins - here, Jean writes on the robustness of children, and how Kate prepared her sons for life without their mother

'Shared parental leave isn't nearly enough'

parental leave

We're going backwards in terms of maternity discrimination, says employment lawyer Samantha Mangwana - if we want meaningful change, we must address parental leave properly, and enable men to do their share

'Childbirth took my fitness - and freedom'


This National Obesity Awareness Week, MN blogger Fat Woman, who was 26 stone at her heaviest, describes how it felt to finally gain control of her body - and then have it taken away again, following her pregnancy and caesarean

Last updated: 26-Jan-2015 at 3:45 PM