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#youngdriver Twitter party - win 200 vouchers!


Goodyear is on a mission to teach kids the importance of road safety - and they want you to join us for a #youngdriver Twitter party on 29 August, 1-2pm. We've got £200 of Amazon vouchers and 4 Young Driver driving experiences - each worth £59.95 - up for grabs, just for getting involved! 

Baby names - what do our choices say about us?

Last week, the most popular names in England and Wales were announced, with Amelia and Oliver taking the top spots. In this guest post, Eeh Bah Mum tackles the thorny issue of what our kids' names say about us. How did you decide yours?

Mothers and drinking: why is it all a big joke?

For MN blogger Allie Holbrook, 'wine o'clock' wasn't an amusing quip, but a daily part of her alcoholism. She argues that casual jokes about 'mother's best friend' aren't a solution for women who are struggling.

The Hackney Doula: 'What I've learnt about birth'

Bumpfest speaker Rebecca Schiller's decision to become a doula came as a surprise to her family, but - as she writes here - her work has taught her more about life than anything else she's done. 

A-level results: 'At 18, university isn't everything'

To mark A-Level results day, MN blogger Kerrie McGiveron shares of experience dropping out of university at 18 and returning when she was 27. She argues that there is no 'right way' to do higher education.

Great British Bake Off: add your posts to our blog hub


The Great British Bake Off is back, and oh how we've missed it. Obviously, each episode needs meticulous minute by minute analysis, so we've designated a little corner of the internet for any GBBO related posts - *the* place to go if you need your fill of Bake Off thoughts and feels (and recipes!) - do add your posts.

Kids in the Car campaign: what did our bloggers think?

kids in the car

In Scotland, a driver under the age of 20 is killed or seriously injured every week. Road Safety Scotland and the Scottish Government are running the 'Kids in the Car' campaign to raise awareness of the influence parents can have on their children when they drive - here's what our bloggers thought.

Life as a new dad: baby sick, buggies and bonding

Mums have a whole nine months of bonding with the little'uns before they even make an appearance - how can Dads make up for lost time? Journalist, author and Bumpfest speaker Rob Kemp gives his top tips for baby bonding. 

Last updated: 21-Aug-2014 at 12:20 PM