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'Why brain tumour research needs more funding'


Mel Hennessey only discovered she had a brain tumour when she gave birth to her daughter. Five years later, she's determined to raise awareness and fight for more investment - on behalf of all those who didn't survive

'I assumed heart failure was an old man's disease'

heart failure

To mark the end of Heart Month, Janet Newman - whose symptoms were attributed to the 'stress' of being a busy mother-of-four - describes how she finally got a diagnosis of heart failure, and urges women to trust their instincts when it comes to their health

'Shared Parental Leave: the time is now'

parental leave

Parents-to-be who'd like to take up Shared Parental Leave when it kicks in on April 5 must tell their employers now, says Jo Swinson. She also shares Lib Dem plans to tackle the 'childcare gap' that occurs between parental leave and free childcare entitlement.

'Why spousal maintenance matters'

single mother

On Monday, a judge supported the ruling that the ex-wife of a millionaire should 'go out to work' - we should be worried about the precedent this sets, says Lottie Lomas, regardless of whether we think it was the right decision in this case

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Sanctuary Spa are looking for a new lifestyle blogger and, knowing what a talented bunch Mumsnet Bloggers are, they're after one of you lot. Enter our competition and you could earn over £1000!

'I have really heavy periods - and I refuse to be ashamed'


From advertisers' sanitised 'thin blue liquid' to the response that followed Heather Watson's admission about her period affecting her tennis performance, Katy Wheatley considers why society is still squeamish about periods, and what the consequences have been

'Don't feel embarrassed if your child wants counselling'


Child mental health charity Place2Be has found that almost a third of parents would feel embarrassed if their child wanted counselling in school. Here, clinical psychologist Professor Tanya Byron urges parents to seek support if their child is struggling.

'Teachers must talk about mental health every day'

mental health

Charlotte Walker first showed signs of bipolar disorder at 11, but wasn't diagnosed until adulthood. This Children's Mental Health week, she writes that schools must do more to raise awareness of mental health issues, so children don't suffer in silence as she did.

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