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"We chose a sperm donor from an online catalogue"

sperm donor

The UK Sperm Bank wants to attract more than its nine registered donors, but Amber Wilde writes that when you shop around for the best, country of origin isn't important.

"My baby had meningitis - I was helpless"


As meningitis B is added to the NHS vaccination schedule, Lizzi Wallace reflects on her son's illness and makes a plea to parents to trust their instincts.

Early labour - "Is it supposed to hurt this much?"

Kirsty Smith didn't 'do' baby classes, so early labour came as a bit of a surprise for her and her partner - not least when it started in an Italian restaurant. 

Antibiotics: "We must act now to protect future generations"


New NICE guidelines call for a curb on antibiotic prescribing – but what does this mean for your family? Dr Jacqueline Sneddon explains why our use of these wonder drugs must change.

"I have cerebral palsy - but I refuse to let it define me"

cerebral palsy

Born with cerebral palsy, Fran Macilvey was consistently told she wouldn't amount to much - she describes how she proved herself against the odds and carved out a new 'normal'.

"Why are periods still a big deal?"

kiran gandhi

Following Donald Trump's controversial 'blood' comments and the furore over Kiran Gandhi's tampon-free marathon, Lucy Bellerby argues for an end to period-shaming.

Living with psoriasis: "I'm finally confident in my skin"


Psoriasis affected Rena Ramani's self-esteem so badly that she contemplated suicide - but since regaining her confidence she is determined to help other sufferers do the same.

Maternity discrimination: "We need a zero tolerance approach"

Jo Swinson considers the research by the European Human Rights Commission which reveals that 54,000 new mothers are being forced out of work every year.

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