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"You don't get over bereavement, you get on with it"

Two and a half years after her husband's death, Beth Phillips says the initial shock and exhaustion has passed, but she and her sons still take each day as it comes.

"We must end the IVF postcode lottery"

pregnant woman

Guest post: Thousands of couples are being denied access to fertility treatment each year and it's time for the government to cap the cost of IVF, says Dr Geeta Nargund.

Twirlywoos books: our vloggers review

twirlywoos 125

We asked five MN vloggers to have a read of the new books from HarperCollins Children's Books based on CBeebies new stars, The Twirlywoos!, and to make their very own video reviews.

"Researching my mother's suicide was incredibly hard"

Jeremy Gavron

In his new book, A Woman on the Edge of Time, Jeremy Gavron pieces together the events that led to his mother's suicide. He says it was one of the hardest things he has done.

"After nine miscarriages, I blamed myself"

Deborah Rushton had her first miscarriage aged 19 - now, over a decade later, she says the worst thing about her multiple miscarriages was not knowing the reason behind them. 

"Protecting my ASD son from bullying was impossible"


Guest post: School was unbearable for Kathy Lette's son Jules - as Anti-Bullying Week draws to a close, she argues that we must be more accepting of difference.

Blog clinic: Blogging mistakes and how to avoid them


Want your blog to look a bit more professional? In this edition of Blog Clinic, Alice Elliott from the Fairy Blog Mother shares some handy tips for beginners.

"I fear the eradication of Down's syndrome"

New pre-natal tests risk sending out the message that some lives are worth less than others, argues Blogfest '15 speaker Hayley Goleniowska.

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