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"As a disabled actor, I had to rewrite the script"

Casting decisions are usually based, in part, on appearance - but Storme Troolis says it's time for the stage and the screen to better reflect real life.

"My son's diagnosis is the first of its kind"

To mark Undiagnosed Children's Day on 29 April, Elizabeth Dimelow says not having a prognosis for her son's unique condition means she has to fight for his quality of life.

"Britain must not turn its back on child refugees in Europe"

As MPs face another vote on allowing unaccompanied child refugees into the UK, Sarah Brown says this is a matter of humanity, not politics.

Days out with Thameslink and Great Northern


Our bloggers have been tasked with writing about their best ideas for days out around London, Brighton and Cambridge - check out our linky for their recommendations and a great offer.

"My son died at Morecambe Bay - opportunities to learn mustn't be missed again"

tiny hand

James Titcombe says the hardest part of coming to terms with his son's death was how the NHS responded - but now, the culture of blame is changing.

"Women could be the key to Sierra Leone's future"

Charlotte McFarlan looks at how Christian Aid's projects are empowering the women of Sierra Leone to improve their country.

"My partner drowned before my eyes"

decca aitkenhead

Two years after her partner's death, and a year since her cancer diagnosis, Decca Aitkenhead says the most useful thing you can say to someone in a crisis is nothing.

"We assumed we'd get our first choice school - we were wrong"

After going through the appeals process, Charly Dove says parents should keep an open mind about the primary school their child is offered.

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