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mcmuffin hurrah for gin

"No baby book will tell you the whole truth"

The realities of life with a newborn took Like Real Life by surprise. Sound familiar? Read what she wishes she'd known, and check out Bumpfest - our one-stop event about pregnancy, birth and beyond.

"I had a breakdown - and it's nothing to be ashamed of"

mental health

Vicky Charles describes her breakdown aged 29, and argues that open discussion is the only way to end the stigma surrounding mental health. "Life does not end when our mental health falters," she writes.

"My husband has incurable cancer, and I must be strong"

holding hands

Cancer specialist and Mumsnetter lu9months never expected to diagnose her own husband. She shares how they and their children have coped with the news, and rallied together.

"My sons refuse to help with chores - and it's my fault"


Lottie Lomas' teenagers don't do housework. Here she considers why - and what can be done. How should she incentivise them, and is it ever too late to start insisting on more help?

Yonderland: what our bloggers thought


Yonderland - the critically adored, completely crackers, puppet-filled Sky One comedy - returns to our screens on Monday 13th July, and we sent some of our bloggers to a special preview screening. Catch their thoughts here.

"Accepting I am an alcoholic has given me a way out"

social drinking

Author Sarah Hepola recounts the highs and lows of her drinking years. She explains why she's happy to admit she had a problem - and says others shouldn't fear the term "alcoholic".

"We need to ask why women aren't choosing engineering"

women engineering

Today is National Women in Engineering Day - here, Caroline Dineage looks at what is being done to challenge gender stereotypes and encourage women into the industry

"Forced marriage is abuse - and we will not tolerate it"

forced marriage

Following the first conviction for forced marriage under legislation brought in a year ago, Karen Bradley describes what the government is doing to combat the practice

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