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"This September, my daughters won't be going back to school"

After becoming disillusioned with the education system, Joanne Watt decided unschooling was the best option for her children.

"We put a baby on stage for half an hour - here's why"

With their Edinburgh Fringe 'anti-theatre' show Come Look at the Baby, Thorium Theatre explore the ethics of sharing our children's stories without their consent.

"I don't want my daughter to be the 'token black girl'"

When Selma Nicholls' three-year-old daughter asked her for white skin and straight hair, she took her own steps to increase diversity in the media.

"It's important to recognise when childhood anxiety is a problem"

Peter Fonagy says parents can play a valuable role in helping children overcome anxiety, and one of the mostdifficult - and important - things for them to do is remain calm themselves.

Olympic sexism: "We won't let the media get away with it"

Sexist media coverage could eclipse women's achievements at Rio 2016 - but we should be heartened that so many are willing to call it out, says Emma Critchley.

"I'd never raise my children as anything but vegan"

As an Italian MP suggests prosecuting parents who feed their children a vegan diet, Fiona Peacock says resources would be better used educating all parents about nutrition.

"The child sexual abuse inquiry isn't optional - it's a necessity"

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, which has just appointed its fourth chair, has been criticised for being slow and unwieldy. But Lucy Duckworth says it's critical that the Inquiry gets it right.

"If doctors had listened to my son, he might still be here"

Jane Sutton's son Stephen raised millions of pounds before his death in 2014. Now, she is helping Teenage Cancer Trust increase awareness of the warning signs of cancer in young people.

Last updated: 30-Aug-2016 at 2:59 PM