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Why we're introducing feminist ideas into a tween magazine

bea appleby

For their 500th issue, Girl Talk magazine decided to launch the campaign Girls Are Amazing to empower and inspire their young readers. In her post, Girl Talk editor Bea Appleby explains the concerns that led to her launching the campaign, and why she believes it can have a positive impact on the lives of the girls who read it.

Why is renting so tough on families?

to let

As house prices continue to rise, more than 9 million people now rent their homes - and an increasing number of them are families. MN blogger Fiona Elsted writes about the upheaval that renting has caused her family, and how the government could help renters to be less vulnerable.


Is the term 'dyslexia' actually useful?

dyslexia guest blog

We decided to let Professor Julian Elliott and MN blogger Lisa Kendrick - whose partner and son are both dyslexic - go head to head on the issue on whether the term 'dyslexia' can be a help or a hindrance to our children. Elliott, author of The Dyslexia Debate, says that the label can sometimes be unhelpful, but many parents find it is a vital way for their children to get support for their difficulties.

The most vulnerable have lost their access to justice

employment tribunal

Last July, those seeking employment tribunals were required to pay a fee - and the number of people making claims subsequently dropped by 79%. Employment law barrister Natasha Joffe find this dispiriting, and argues that this measure will restrict access to justice for the most vulnerable in our society.

Why we need Autism Awareness Day

autism awareness

On Autism Awareness day, MN blogger Matt Davis shares what his son's autism has meant for his family, and argues there is still much to be done to help people with an autistic spectrum disorder receive understanding and respect. 


How my daughter will care for her sons after she's gone


Mumsnet blogger Kate Gross - who is fighting cancer - this weekend spent what may be her last Mother's Day with her mother, her grandmother and her own children. In this guest post, Kate’s mother Jean writes about her daughter’s quest to provide love and support for her sons long after she's gone.

What gay marriage means to my family

equal marriage

With gay marriage finally becoing legal in England and Wales, Clara, who blogs at My Two Mums, explains why the change in the law is so important to her and her family. And why, despite already 'feeling married' to civil partner Kirsty, she's thrilled at the prospect of walking down the aisle in the presence of their little boy.

Why do I have to justify taking time for myself?

going away

In January, MN blogger Ingrid Kirkegaard left her family in order to go away for a month and write. Many people she told were incredulous. In this guest post, she questions why people are so shocked at the prospect of a woman choosing to be apart from her family, and challenges society's apparent belief that children 'belong' to their mother.

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