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Nicky Morgan - 'why we're teaching coding in primary schools'


Under the new curriculum, children will be taught coding and programming from the age of five. Here, education secretary Nicky Morgan argues that these changes are essential in equipping our kids for the modern world, and ensuring they stay safe online.

Contraception - 'older isn't necessarily wiser'


Genevieve Edwards from Marie Stopes argues that women who don't fit the footloose twenty-something stereotype are being short-changed when it comes to contraception. When was the last time you changed yours?

Surrogacy transformed my life - but is it morally acceptable?

Alice Jolly's youngest child is an egg donor baby born to a surrogate mother in the US. The novelist and playwright says that, despite her own joy, she understands people's misgivings about surrogacy - and argues that a commercial system would make things fairer. 

'My daughter was groomed and abused'

In the wake of high profile child abuse cases, one mother describes what happened to her family, and urges parents to be alert to changes in their children. Louise Vaughan from Pace also came onto the thread to answer questions on spotting the signs. 

'The government must make emotional abuse a crime'

As ministers consider including emotional abuse in domestic violence legislation, MN blogger Katie Portman describes what it's like to endure this kind of psychological trauma, and argues that a change in the law would challenge the myth that women can simply 'get out'.

Announcing... our full Blogfest '14 programme!


The #Blogfest14 programme has landed - and it's a good'un! November 8 promises to be a wonderful day stuffed full of brilliant speakers and gripping panel sessions (plus swanky goody bags!) You can buy tickets here, and if you're coming, share your Blogfest-related posts here.

Is shunning motherhood the ultimate taboo?

In the week that actress Maxine Peake said "having children is very selfish", children's author Sarah McIntyre explains why she made the decision not to have kids, despite working with them every day.

Great British Bake Off: add your posts to our blog hub


The Great British Bake Off is back, and oh how we've missed it. Obviously, each episode needs meticulous minute by minute analysis, so we've designated a little corner of the internet for any GBBO related posts - *the* place to go if you need your fill of Bake Off thoughts and feels (and recipes!) - do add your posts.

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