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How to Blog

how to blog

How to start a blog

start a blog

Want to start a blog but don't know how? Worry not - it's easy to be a blogger, whether you're a writer, a websurfer or a chatterbox. Follow these steps and you’ll be posting in no time.

Linkies, bloghops and carnivals

linking up bloggers

Confused about linkies? Want to know how to get one on your blog? They're a great idea for boosting your blog-reading audience - so read our guide from tech guru Jax to discover the differences between linkies, bloghops and carnivals, and how to host your own.

Boost your blogging income

Blog income money

Fancy making money from doing what you love? Blogger Zoe Griffin makes a six-figure income from her fashion and lifestyle blog and here she shares her 10 top tips for monetising your blog. From layout and branding to dealing with agencies.

Anonymous blogging

Blog anonymously

Blogging on the record gives you a credible voice and a link to the real world, so readers know what you say is authentic. But if you're going to write about anything controversial, very personal or embarrassing, then it might be worth hiding under that paper bag and going anonymous. 

Design your blog

Designing your blog

Your blog is personal to you - but it's got to be easy on the eye for your readers, as well. We've got some hints and tips to help make your posts and site look attractive and professional.

Sticky stats

Like us on facebook

Fan up on Facebook  We're looking for smart posts and sassy pics to share on our Facebook page and we're keen to help promote your blogs' pages on social media. But it's hard to keep track of who's where. So like us on Facebook and we may just like you back. 

Map your blog

Blog map

Readers may stumble across your blog, they may wander through, they may stay around to read your posts or they might hotfoot it out of there! But you can add hyperlinks and gadgets to help readers navigate your blog.

Become an internet sensation

how to go viral

So you've written some posts, you've got traffic coming your way and it seems like the hard part’s over. But how do you get visitors to read, comment and come back to your blog? And how can you become an internet sensation overnight?

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