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'Ghost children' report: we need a reasoned debate

It's been reported that 10-hour days are exhausting our children, but Head in Book is frustrated that the media are ignoring an array of other factors.   

ghost children

"I caught a feature on a survey of staff in the education sector by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers which, the intro suggested, had found a generation of “ghost kids”: exhausted and damaged by their parents’ long working hours and their own resultant long days.

I went off afterwards and looked up the actual report. In fact, the impact of longer working hours is just one of the many factors which staff identify as having a detrimental effect on the quality of time children spend out of school hours."



Tuesday's blog of the day: Why new mothers get The Rage

Sisterhood (And All That) explains why hormones and a brand new tiny person are a dangerous combination.

The Rage"Growing tiredness plays a large part in the rows – the exhaustion compounded by fear you might never sleep again mean that there is a heightened sense of irritability and anxiety. The little things that previously hardly registered become not only beacons of stupidity and laziness, but a personal insult. How could he leave his wet towel on the bed? He is purposefully making my life harder. And not replacing the toilet roll when he’s used it all on his big disgusting arse? SELFISH." 

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  • Monday's blog of the day: Lessons for my daughters: what I've learned from life so far 

    On her birthday, Circus Queen reflects on what she has learnt over the last ten years, and how she hopes these lessons will help her daughters along the way. 

    mother daughter"The other day, Talitha leaned in to tell me something very earnestly. It was spoken like a precious secret. “Mummy, I am very beautiful,” she said. I smiled and agreed with her.

    I long for her to grow up strong against a world that will tell her that her body is public property and that her physical beauty is what’s valuable about her. I rage against these lies, knowing too that “You are not beautiful” and “You are not enough” are whispered with them."


    Friday's blog of the day: 'Sounds like a serial killer': how not to name your child

    Tiaras and Prozac finds that naming one's offspring can be a surprisingly tricky business.

    baby names

    "With each pregnancy, our short list of names have been entirely different. As far as I can remember there has only been one first name that has appeared on the shortlist for two different babies and The Husband said absolutely no both times. He's an arse like that.

    His sole contributions have been 'Lucy' for a girl and 'Kurgen' for a boy. Every time. Everytime I say no to the first (lovely name yet my first dog was called Lucy) and no to the second because cool The Highlander connotations aside, it's ugly and crap."

    Thursday's blog of the day: Women Who Eat On Tubes tells women, "We know you are dirty"

    Taking photos of women eating on tubes isn't just harmless fun, writes Ellie Mae O'Hagan - it's the violent invasion of intimate, anonymous moments. 


    "Whatever Heston Blumenthal would have us believe, eating is ultimately just another bodily function. When we see someone eat, we are unconsciously reminded that they also shit.

    It’s not necessarily even that the end result of eating is shitting; just a reminder that the eater in question has a body which processes things. It removes us from high-minded images of ourselves and recalibrates us as functional, meaty machines."



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