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Why I'm not scared any more

There's no point wasting energy fearing rollercoasters and wasps when you're a parent, Brummy Mummy of 2 reminds us


"You are scared about other things now aren't you? Bigger things. Scared they may get lost, or hurt. Worried for the first time their heart breaks. Things that really are terrifying.

The little things like wasps, dentists, rollercoasters pale into comparison to that form you had to sign when you had a C-section saying you might die, that time you had to ride in an ambulance when your daughter had a fit or when you were in Boots and for a split second you couldn't see your son and you thought your head may explode in terror (he was staring longingly at the chocolate, of course)."


Thursday's blog of the day: I can't protect myself from losing another parent

As her mother grows older, Complicated Gorgeousness realises the time is right to appreciate her mother's presence, not fear her old age

vintage mum

"It was only while I was thinking about that lost necklace that I realised what I have been subconsciously doing. Preparing. Self protecting. Pulling, emotionally and physically, slowly away.

Why? Because this person who I adore – one of the sweetest, funniest and kindest people I know – is going to hurt me. A lot. Maybe not for a while yet. But at some point. I've felt that pain before and I'm not ready to feel it again. Not ever again. I'll never be ready for that."

Wednesday's blog of the day: There's still a stigma against young mums

Faced with being judged for having a child, The Speed Bump decides to walk away and hold her tongue

young mum

"In a way, the people who roll their eyes and walk away are harder to deal with than those who judge you to your face. If she'd come up to me and said "Oh god, not another feckless young mum", I could've told her about my first class degree, my intention of doing a Masters, my successful blog and the book I'm writing and the other things I've achieved. Because she walked away, I had no chance to defend myself.

But I don't need to defend myself, and nor does any young parent."

 Tuesday's blog of the day: My name is Rachel, and I'm a recovering alcoholic

In a brave and moving confession, Rachel in Real Life says she is ashamed to be an alcoholic, but proud to be in recovery


"There were times when I would pick my son up from nursery at 3.20pm having finished off a bottle of wine. I was reasonably bright, happily married, with a child, and had a wonderfully loving family. But because I didn't drink out of a can or in public parks and I drank Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, somehow I believed that made me better than those other people I was busy judging.

It didn't matter that I could drink five bottles of wine a day sometimes, that I would usually experience blackout most days, that I drank myself into oblivion almost daily."


Monday's blog of the day: Things only parents of fat babies will understand

Creepy Ginger Kid shares the trials and tribulations particular to having above-average sized offspring 


"1) The baby's wardrobe consists of two items: short sleeve t-shirts and sweatpants. He has to wear several sizes up and you become an expert in rolling up the legs. Jeans give your baby the mobility of a stuffed sausage, and so he develops an aversion to all things denim.

2) You have two rehearsed answers to the question, 'What are you feeding him?' Your response will depend on how you feel that day. (Friendly: 'He's breastfed', or sarcastic: 'Mostly melted butter and ice cream')."


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