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7/7: "We must never forget" 

On the tenth anniversary of the London terrorist attacks, Mum of Boys honours the victims of the tragedy

july 7

"It could have been me. It could have been any of us. I was one of the lucky ones that day.

We eventually made it to the studio, diverting Kings Cross, which the radio told our driver was shut. We were oblivious to the terror and tragedy unfolding at that station as we made our way on congested roads.

Once we arrived, we got on with our work, while listening to the radio at full volume. Our makeup artist that day couldn't get through to her sister; she did her job, but was silent with worry. I remember more crying when we heard about the bus; the moment when we realised this was no accident."

Friday's blog of the day: From pampering to Pampers: holiday prep pre- and post-kids

Hurrah For Gin is about to take her little'uns on their very first flight - and just packing for the trip is making her need a holiday

mcmuffin hurrah for gin"Before kids: Select day time outfits AND evening outfits. Take numerous pairs of shoes with varying heel heights.
After kids: Fill up one whole suitcase with nappies, factor 50 sun cream and Calpol and fill up the rest with kids clothes, kids spare clothes, blow up items, plastic beach crap, black-out blinds, special cups and 26 absolutely vital toys that cannot possibly be left behind. Chuck in three £5 Primark dresses for yourself."

Wednesday's blog of the day: On raising my son with three girls

Ghostwriter Mummy's fourth-born is surrounded by sisters. She shares how she hopes this will shape the man he'll become 

brother three sisters

"I hope that it means he will one day be a man who isn't afraid of women. Who can speak to them, form relationships with them and have them as friends.

I hope that it means he will carry a respect for women through his life; I hope that my daughters and I will teach him that girls can do just as much as boys, and often fight a little bit harder to prove that point. I hope that he too will fight for equality for his sisters and that he will stand up for their rights when he needs to."


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