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'Giving birth made me feel like an animal'

Before giving birth, Terrific never considered herself an 'animal' - but the experience of labour and maternal instincts has changed her perspective


"Every time a contraction subsided, I felt fantastic and overwhelmed that I was doing all of this on my own. Yes all right, there might have been a whiff of entonox, and yes, well, there was the tiniest drop of morphine, but besides all that, it was all down to me, in my cave, bellowing. I closed my eyes and grooarrrmmed my way through it, and felt the most mammal-like I've ever felt. At those moments, I wouldn't have been any more surprised had I sprouted a thick pelt, grown hooves and shouted 'MOO'."

Monday's blog of the day: Do I try to change my children, or try to change the world?

With twins on the autistic spectrum, Faith Mummy questions whether it's right to pursue 'treatment', or whether she should devote her energy to raising awareness

mother child"I am faced with the same autism dilemma that I try to bury every single day: do I force my children to conform to social norms and a mainstream curriculum, do I carry out therapy after therapy with them, alter their diets and ‘treat’ their autism, or do I accept their differences and embrace all that they are, instead spending my time educating and encouraging society in awareness and love for all people? In other words, do I just accept this? Do I try to change my children or try to change the world?"

Friday's blog of the day: A message to all toddler shopkeepers 

'Playing shop' is beloved by most small children - but Watching You Grow can no longer tolerate the shop's poor service, haphazard layout and random pricing 

shop"The pricing system is bizarre: every single item I have ever purchased, from a single playing card right through to the guitar, cost me no more than ‘two’. And, regardless of how many of my plastic coins I pay with, I always receive change. You might wonder why I would complain about such a stroke of luck, but this change is usually throw at my head, often along with the item I have purchased. Fortunately for me, the shopkeeper seems to have terrible aim."

Thursday's blog of the day: Why we shouldn't police leaving kids home alone

A recent poll showed support for a legal minimum age at which children can be left alone - but Sceptical Mum says that the arbitrary criminalisation of parents is counterproductive

home alone"Telling people how to parent their children is always going to be controversial. There are so many mitigating factors, so many issues to be taken into consideration. What if your 11-year-old is especially mature and sensible? What if your 13-year-old is reckless and you wouldn't trust them alone for a minute? If it's ok for 10 minutes, does that mean it's ok for 1 hour, or 3? Considering all the factors as well as age, where do we draw the boundaries?"

Wednesday's blog of the day: Does being a mother fulfil you?

Wife, Mum, Student Bum loves being a mother of three, but she's ready to admit that the role isn't all-fulfilling - and that she needs some time to herself 

testing patience"As a parent, do you sometimes feel unfulfilled? Or am I being a selfish cow? I love my children. I adore them. But just sometimes, I stop and think - do I have to give up everything that I want to do? When did all this become the norm? Is it wrong that I just need a break? I don't want all my leisure time to be spent pushing the babies on the swings in the park, being head-pecked in soft play or dancing to Black Lace."

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