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15 ways to ensure a pre-holiday breakdown 

Whether it's navigating suitcase dungeons or tackling dye-at-home kits, Brummy Mummy has your holiday prep mares covered 

zen mum2

"1) Whilst in the middle of packing, decide to take a break and try your old swimming costume on. This will result in tears and five minutes lying face down on your bed. Which is covered in wellies, jelly shoes and swimming nappies.

2) Finally manage to pack: four cases, a baby bag, a picnic bag, a bin bag for shoes, a bin bag for coats, a bin bag for random crap your kids want (including a dirty teddy, a smelly IgglePiggle and a broken Peppa Pig phone)."

Thursday's blog of the day: Why I have a favourite child 

The Mother Diaries believes that we all pick favourites - even if it's just for a minute

boy gold star

"Yes, I have a favourite child. Which one? Well, it depends entirely on the day. Today, it is my eldest because he made me laugh till my sides ached this morning, whereas my youngest whined and wouldn't eat his breakfast. Tomorrow my eldest could refuse to get dressed and pee all over the bathroom floor and I would undoubtably be favouring my youngest again. You see, all parents have favourites, but what this really means is favouring the behaviour that makes life the easiest."


Wednesday's blog of the day: Living with depression: "after a while even misery becomes stale" 

The Belle Jar describes the exhausting monotony of depression 


"I still get up and go to work and come home and eat food and laugh at jokes and hug my kid, but none of that makes me feel like the future is any less bleak. All of the things I do feel like nothing, which is somehow worse than if they felt bad. At least bad would be something; at least 'bad' is on a spectrum of sensation which might eventually be scaled until I get back to 'good'. But nothing is nothing is nothing."

Tuesday's blog of the day: Eating disorders should not be a source of shame

Glosswitch considers society's conflicting attitudes towards weight - and argues that no woman should feel guilty for internalising these messages


"We live in a culture in which it is shameful for women to be fat, but also shameful for women to want not to be fat. It is Cool Girl syndrome. We’re supposed to be 'girls that eat pizza and never gain weight'. Women's logical responses to a world that wants them to be both less than human and superhuman are nothing to be ashamed of. That we are not yet angry enough should be the only source of shame."

Monday's blog of the day: My son is non-verbal - what if no one ever understands him? 

Faith Mummy describes her struggle to communicate with her little boy, and shares her worries for his future

boy with asd

"Still so much about him is a mystery. We are all guessing. And we could all be wrong.

Why can’t he speak? Why does he flap? What is it exactly about lifts and hand dryers that he likes so much? Why is it so traumatic when I cut his nails, or wash his hair, or use a different plate for his dinner? Does he miss me when he isn’t with me?

I want to know. Because if I don’t know who else ever will?"


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