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'Testing my patience' - a fun parenting quiz 

As a self-confessed moody mummy, Complicated Gorgeousness knows what it's like to have her patience tried - how much are *you* suppressing the rage? 

testing patience"Scenario 1: You've done the school and nursery drop off by the skin of your teeth and now need to race to work. But someone has blocked in your car in the nursery car park. You can see them through the window having a chat with the nursery teacher, and now their child, and now another mum, and now a different mum. You were already going to be late, and with every creeping second, it is getting later...

What do you do?" 

Wednesday's blog of the day: 'Baby brain' - it's a lack of time, not intellect

Having a baby can often leave parents feeling intellectually inadequate - but we must remember that it's our time, not intelligence, that's disappeared, writes Charlotte Simpson of Still You Blog


"I am always on the back foot when I bump into an old friend or colleague who idly wonders what I think about that new Hilary Mantel book or the international community’s strategy to combat ISIS.

It's just time! That’s all there is to it. Of course motherhood doesn't erode your intelligence but, if you're not a force of superhuman efficiency, it will snatch every last millisecond of your time." 

Tuesday's blog of the day: Why I'm okay with play-fighting 

Before becoming a parent, Attachment Feminism was determined not to let her children play with toy guns - but now she's happy to encourage rough play 

toy gun"I'm not saying play should involve actual harmful violence, but that young children's expression through physical play that involves role-playing fighting or even death shouldn't be quashed just because we're uncomfortable talking about it. We also shouldn't worry too much about this meaning that our kids are going to turn into hideous violent monsters in later life."

Monday's blog of the day: Should I be a godmother when I don't believe in God?

As an ardent atheist, accepting the role of godmother was a difficult decision for Cogito Ergo Mum - here, she wonders if she made the right choice

Christening"I just can't find God. Despite looking for him now and then, I remain an atheist. The decision to be godmother was therefore one I struggled with.

When I was feeling particularly doubtful of my ability to fulfil my duties, a cynical voice inside my head tried to make itself heard: ‘if God really is nothing to me, there really is nothing to worry about.’

What I failed to realise is how that ‘nothing’ is very much a ‘something’."

Friday's blog of the day: Are *everyone's* kids this gross?

Before having kids, Swords and Noodles had a vague idea about how messy children could be - but nothing could prepare her for the gross reality 

messy child

"Before you become a parent you have a quiet and unconfirmed notion that children are messy. Children enjoy puddle jumping, making mud pies, painting, cooking, water fights and other seemingly cute messy activities. Children are associated with being messy - a cute sort of memory making messy. But when you become a parent, you quickly realise you've believed a big fat lie. Children are messy. Grossly messy. Vile, make-you-wanna-vomit messy. Or maybe it's just my boys?" 


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