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Why *you* should tidy your kids' bedrooms

When it comes down to recovering family possessions, sometimes it's best to just dive in yourself, writes Amy Ransom

messy room"Here's what I found when cleaning my daughter's room:

1) Dental floss (because five-year-olds are VERY big on dental hygiene)

2) A spanner (to maintain all the plastic junk?)  

3) A key (to our back door. That she swore blind she didn't have. Which resulted in our builder having to break the lock. So now it's been found, is totally and utterly obsolete)." 

Thursday's blog of the day: 10 things only parents of giant babies will understand

2boys1mum shares the trials and tribulations particular to having above-average sized offspring 

baby"1) When you pick up someone else's normal size baby and accidentally throw it in the air.

2) When your biceps shake with the weight of carrying them from the buggy to the car.

3) When everyone in the world says "wow, how much did he weigh when he was born?", and then winces when you tell them.

Wednesday's blog of the day: "How on earth do you define 'hardworking families'?"

Many election policies seem to have 'hardworking families' at its core - but we need to recognise that work isn't the only valuable contribution people make, writes Head in Book

family"Creating policies for '(hard)working families' makes about as much sense, really, as creating them for people called Tom. For every parent who works in order to pay the bills, there's one whose job provides a welcome but not indispensable addition to the family budget. For every two-income household, there's someone on their own stretched to breaking between the demands of employer and home. For every parent racked with guilt about leaving their child when they have no choice, there's another who could never be the parent or the person they are without the chance to do the job they love."

Tuesday's blog of the day: The curse of the holiday head lice

Mother Inferior's household is suffering a nit infestation - and it's time for her to declare war

lice"They are taking over. They are settling in. They are smugly laughing as they run through my children's hair. They are chatting about their holiday plans to visit the heads of the remaining family members. They are gloating about the fact that the mere thought of them makes my head itch. Over the past three weeks I have combed out lice and eggs until my fingers have bled and my arms have seized up and THEY JUST WILL NOT DIE!"

Monday's blog of the day: Letter to my shy little boy

Make a Long Story Short's son is shy - she tells him that being on the outside isn't always a bad thing, and nor will it last forever

boy with asd"Today isn't the last time you'll worry that someone doesn't like you. My love, there are hundreds of halls like this. They will be spaces filled with your peers, and you will walk in and your blood will tingle hot with agony, and your smile will edge towards a manic grimace in your effort to seem normal, likeable, friendly. You might find someone you can sit with. You might not, and crawling into a molehill will seem like the only sensible alternative. 

Don't. Resist the molehill. Resist the idea that your worth is measured by your distance from the cool table, or how many people want to play with you on the bouncy castle."


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