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Aylan: We failed you

As the photo of a three-year-old boy washed up on the shore in Bodrum is shared around the world, Janey in Mersin questions whether his death will prompt change


"My selfish behaviour, and the behaviour of so many of us all over the world, is the reason that little Aylan Kurdi lost his life yesterday.

We are all living on this earth. Together. What is wrong with all of us? We failed this little boy and we failed his family. He is lost to the world now but perhaps with this sad photograph doing the rounds on social media the doors will be opened for others that are running for their lives. I know my opinion has changed. Perhaps yours will change too." 

Wednesday's blog of the day: Deconstructing the 'ladybrain' argument 

The proof that male and female brains are different is about as sound as New Labour's justification for invading Iraq, argues Glosswitch 


"The belief that male and female brains differ has been around for thousands of years. The same cannot be said for any proof. We know that there is another possible reason — perceived reproductive potential — for the construction of two social groups, male and female, with one dominating the other. But we don’t like to talk about that reason. It doesn’t seem a good enough justification for what men have done to women over the years. It makes men look bad. It makes women look exploited. There must have been better reasons, right?"

Tuesday's blog of the day: "I'll never not grieve for my unborn babies"

Almost five years after losing her first child, Mayflower Blogs writes about her rainbow baby, and the pain of recurrent miscarriage

baby loss

"I fell pregnant for the fifth time while I was waiting for test results for why I kept losing babies. This one stuck. I had a daughter. My rainbow after my storms. People think when you’ve had a baby after losses, it helps with the feeling of grief and loss? I can't say it does. My children make me happier than I can explain. But I'll never not wonder what my babies would have looked like, what they would've been like. I have carried five babies, and I am a mummy to all of them."

Friday's blog of the day: Our blue badge is invaluable, but I'd give anything not to need it

Premmeditations describes the frequent abuse she receives for having a blue badge - and asks for consideration from those so quick to judge 

blue badge

"I cried throughout the entire duration of the time it took me to fill out the online application and payment for my son's blue badge when I did it on the night of his second birthday, and I wept more tears when I had to renew it 11 months later. I would give anything for us not to have that bit of blue card in my car, even though we need it for his safety and our own. Treating us as if we are lucky to have a blue badge is almost as awful as accusing us of abusing a blue badge space when we are entitled to use it."


Thursday's blog of the day: Am I a sexist mum?

Following the furore over Jeremy Corbyn's suggestion of women-only train carriages, Fielsted reflects on whether she really treats her son and daughter equally

brother sister

"I'm more worried about what could happen to my daughter not because I trust her less but because girls are quite simply more vulnerable. Does this make me sexist? Maybe it does. We are still struggling with the day-to-day reality that even as children, females are just not getting equality of experience or opportunity, and if a women-only train carriage at this juncture means fewer girls and women being assaulted or fearful of assault on public transport, maybe that's not such a bad thing."


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