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Help! I think I'm addicted to Frozen...

Cogito Ergo Mum thinks Frozen should come with a health warning - after some initial scepticism, she now can't imagine life without it 


"You go to watch an assembly. They don’t sing a Frozen song. You feel exactly like you did when you were no longer able to smoke in pubs: unsettled, unnerved, outraged.

The cost of it, and its associated paraphernalia, becomes prohibitive. But hand stitched Elsa dresses, like nicotine patches, just can't satisfy the craving.

The thought of that time when it is no longer part of your life brings a tear to your eye."

Thursday's blog of the day: Sharing custody: 'I feel like half a mum' 

Now that her son is spending two days a week with his Dad, Write Like No-one's Watching should be enjoying time alone - but all she can do is miss him

mother comforting son"I know there will be two whole days where I don't see my son. Every week.

And I don't really care about the free time, or whether or not those days fall on weekends so I can sleep or get things done, or that I can go to the toilet in peace. Because I miss my baby.

And it occurred to me. As I walked to work this morning. After trying not to cry on the early train. That, no matter what anyone could say, and no matter how 'normal' this comes to be, I feel very much like half a mum." 

Wednesday's blog of the day: A letter to women in abusive relationships - by a survivor

Pouting in Heels shares her experience of loving an abusive man - and offers solidarity to women going through the same thing 

domestic violence

"Loneliness is one of the worst things isn't it? When we are in a relationship that is damaging, unhealthy and painful. I can remember it now. The feeling that I couldn’t really talk to anyone, that no one would understand, of feeling too embarrassed or ashamed to tell anyone how the man I adored – and who claimed to adore me – could hurt me so much, in so many ways. The way in which I cut myself off from loved ones so I didn't upset him or make him angry." 

Tuesday's blog of the day: Spoilt? Lonely? Let's bust the myths around only children

How to be a Domestic Disgrace never thought she'd have an only child - here, she reflects on the joys and pitfalls of being a one-child family  


"When you just have one child, you can't help but spoil them with love, but he doesn't get bought everything his heart desires, we don't let him do what he wants all the time and we've always made sure that he gets left to his own devices sometimes so he can entertain himself.

He also knows that when my husband and I are talking, he can't just barge in and interrupt. I've met a lot of spoilt only children (many of whom were still spoilt as adults), but it doesn't have to be that way. You choose how to parent your child. "

Monday's blog of the day: What made you want to have a baby?

With women still bullied about their choices, Dutch Courage writes on her decision to have children - and explains that it can be a radical act 

pregnancy"Having a baby, and what was then done to me in terms of employment and career path, security and pension, forced me into a situation in which I have had to go on making existential choices, again and again, to keep renewing my personal freedom.

This has at times felt relentless, unfair, frightening — but I have never stopped, and I am much happier than I was a decade ago.

The idea that an employer should ever tell a woman that she should not have a baby, or threaten her employment prospects if she dares to do so, is such a disgusting one, that I want to take to the streets." 

Friday's blog of the day: 100 things I wish my son had been able to enjoy

Mama's Haven writes a moving letter to her son, who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness


"My precious boy, there are so many things you will miss here on earth I would have loved you to enjoy.

1. A splash in the sea

2. Warm, buttery toast

3. The feel of the rain on your cheeks

4. Teething

5. Play dates and mums and tots

6. Watermelon"

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