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'Your kids will like their cheapest present most' - the 12 facts of Christmas

Wife, Mum, Student Bum spreads a little Christmas cheer and presents some cold, hard Yuletide truths 

box"1. Despite official and popular opinion, the Christmas dinner is just a roast dinner.

2. Obviously the kids will enjoy the cheapest present the most. It's not the money that bothers you really. It's the fact that the toy that will definitely teach your kid to read will end up at the back of the wardrobe, dusty and out of date - while they build a raft out of the box and, when asked by relatives what they got for Christmas, reply with 'sweeties.'"

Tuesday's blog of the day: Motherhood and the 'perfect Christmas' myth 

Mummy Says usually rejects the 'perfect mother' stereotype - but she's found it difficult to ignore the pressure to create a beautiful, Pinterest-ready Christmas for her family

perfect xmas"The perfect mother, with her Instagram-ready life, with her beautifully decorated home and her carefully wrapped presents, is in my head. All. The. Time. She's watching me when I'm feeding my son chocolates from his tacky advent calendar because I didn't hand-stitch one and craft a miniature nativity figure for each morning. She's there laughing when I drape tinsel and cheap supermarket baubles on the tree because we didn't bother making salt dough decorations."

Monday's blog of the day: Unremittingly dull things you *will* forget to buy this Christmas

Presents are wrapped, the turkey's in the fridge, and you're just about to relax - but what about the batteries? Mother Distracted reminds us of the boring stuff, before it's too late 

boring things]"Here's my helpful list of things you might want to add to your Christmas shopping list on the basis that I like to be fully prepared for all possible emergencies - medical, psychological and social. Most of these items are unremittingly dull. But nowhere near as dull as trying to find a corner shop open on Christmas day whilst the husband is left to cremate the turkey and the kids dismantle any item costing more than a tenner which needs batteries."

Friday's blog of the day: My depression is back, and it's like living in a horror movie

Put up with Rain shares her experience of the 'Black Dog' returning - and the terror, paranoia and misery it brings 

scream"What finally bounded out of the mist, smacked me over, and savaged my throat were the intrusive thoughts. Naturally cynical and pessimistic as a default, when the Black Dog takes over, my mind is set to catastrophe mode. It's not so much that I expect the worst - I suspect it, I imagine it, I believe it to be happening. So I behave as if it is. Even when the wafer thin mint of sanity that remains tries to reason with me."

Thursday's blog of the day: Why is gender neutral parenting so hard?

Before having children, 2 Boys 1 Mum assumed that raising her sons free from gender stereotypes would be easy - but she's found barriers in the most unexpected places 

gender neutral"When our son was born my husband and I knew instantly that we would be raising our children with gender neutral values. What I didn't know was that this would be a challenge. I never dreamed I'd have to repeatedly and firmly remind people not to openly mock 'feminine' attributes in my toddler son. I didn't think anyone would bat an eyelid when my 2 year old boy chose a witches outfit for Halloween, but even people who I thought were totally with me raised their eyebrows when he put on a dress."

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