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Are you the sort of mother you thought you'd be? 

Eeh Bah Mum used to fantasise about how she'd bring up her children, but - two kids down - she's realised that motherhood is never perfect, and that's fine

perfect mother"Instead of boring my 16-year-old self to death I decided to write to a version of me who would be interested in what I have to say. Me 5 years ago. Me before children. 

Mainly because I’ll be stoked to find out that I did eventually get to be a mum, just not the mum I thought I’d be. Remember her? The mum you imagined yourself being before the reality of parenting kicked in? The mum who had all her babies firsts saved in a special box, instead of the mum who screams every time she opens her jewellery box to find two shrivelled umbilical cords slowly disintegrating amongst the earrings."

Tuesday's blog of the day: Daddy's princess? On fatherhood and misogyny

Fathers shouldn't assume that having daughters makes them 'less sexist', and must push against gender stereotypes, argues Squeamish Bikini 

dad and daughter

"I'm lucky that I have a great relationship with my father. He never expressed hope that I'd be beautiful or a diva, instead praising me when I was clever, or brave. Nor did he blame any bad behaviour, such as bitchery, on my being a girl. He has also not claimed to have a fantastic insight into the struggles of being female in today's society, which is simply a way of silencing women 'because dammit I'm a FATHER of a girl and I don't need to hear your lived experience'."

Monday's blog of the day: 'All my son wants is a sibling - but it's not that simple'

The best present we could give our child would be a baby brother or sister, but sadly things don't always go to plan, writes Chocolate is not the only fruit 

lone boy"I feel sad for my boy because he would dearly love not to be an only child. He has no cousins and is always around adults - apart from at school of course. His speech is amazing, he is entertaining and amusing, but he really wants some company from his own peer group. I wish there was a simple way to make this all better. To say 'yes son, you will have a sister and she will be here soon.' It may not happen, but I do hope it does."

Friday's blog of the day: Pistorius verdict: where is Reeva's story?

Following a verdict of culpable homicide in the Pistorius trial, Glosswitch argues that the lives - and deaths - of women still serve only as a backdrop to men's

"Judge Thokozile Masipa said of Oscar Pistorius, not guilty of murder despite firing four shots through a locked bathroom door, 'the accused is the only person who can say what his state of mind was at the time he fired the shots that killed the deceased'. His experiences are inviolable. And as for those of the deceased? Alas, she has but one experience: that of being dead, and before then, her experience was that of being the other half; the complement, the accessory, the essential blonde girlfriend in the Blade Runner Story."


Thursday's blog of the day: Sod arithmetic - what I *really* want my child to learn at school

How about teaching them some better jokes? Or table manners? Make Me An Earth Mother shares her suggestions for the early years curriculum

ready for school

"Is it just my children who strip off the moment they get home?

Bouncing Boys sheds everything bar his pants at the threshold, and is naked from his first toilet break - such a free spirit, as if the wearing of clothes cramps his very soul. It's quite cute at home but could make play dates awkward.

'Oh yes, didn't I mention my son's a nudist when I invited yours for tea?' Here's hoping the uniform rules nip this one in the bud." 


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