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How to Make a Land: The Magic of Literature in Lev Grossman's The Magician's...

from wellwrittentooshort

The best book reviews on the planet - true fact!


Pushchair friendly for a change!

from Walking Talking Polly Pocket

Meet Victoria: the little lady with a baby. Why not join her on her journey of bump, baby and beyond.


Mummy Viking: Out and about with Bax and Bay's Cub Bag

from Wishes & Wellies

Lifestyle, kids fashion, family travel blog with a scandinavian twist!


LA Blunders


I have just battled the Education System to get the right Dyslexia Support for my daughter. I am sharing our story to help others.


I have moved!

from Writing Mad

A blog about my life as a parent to young children, thoughts, musings, dreams, and other things that interest me. Making sense of my world.

Working mum of three

Make love, not football

from Working mum of three

Twitter: @RhiMumOf3

Working mum of three boys, trying to make it all run smoothly. Hopefully funny, sometimes sensible, certainly emotional.


Back from my adventures

from Writer's cramp

Twitter: @barbaraspencerO

Children's author Barbara Spencer blogs


Don't buy him socks for Father's Day on 19 June! Get him something much more...

from Words of Wisdom

Twitter: @WttWBooks

Topics include cooking, gardening, and crafts and hobbies. Reflections on life also a possibility!


Wannabe Supermaman blog featured in Woman & Home magazine

from Wannabe Supermaman's Franglais Life

Life through the eyes of a British journalist in France: 40, wife to a beautiful Frenchman, mum of two & expecting third baby in August.


Hello world!

from What Have We Done

Looking for answers to that question every parent has asked themselves -- what have we done?!