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Views From an Urban Lake

Return on the Swift

from When the Dust Settles

Twitter: @fromanurbanlake

A Parenting and lifesstyle blog written by mum and dad, often with tongue in cheek or ranting.


Swapping Stories with Author Kate Baggott

from Where the Butterflies Go

Author. Poet and novelist. Themes are always surrounding parenthood. Also visit


Get your body confidence

from Weight Loss Centre

weight loss and active lifestyle

Wandering Sheila

Enjoying The Galley's food

from Wandering Sheila

Twitter: @cathylpowell

Australian woman and her tales about living life away from 'Down Under'

West Essex Mums

Easy peasy chocolate flapjack recipe for children

from West Essex Mums

Mini adventures with the Little One in Woodford, Wanstead, London and beyond


A pin and three needles

from Weaving a way - multi-tasking with MS

Twitter: @samclements1

A mum, a medical student and eternal optimist bogging about multitasking with MS in the Midlands.


Let's Go Fly a Kite!

from Words of Wisdom

Twitter: @WttWBooks

Topics include cooking, gardening, and crafts and hobbies. Reflections on life also a possibility!

wonk life balance

#GE2015: The Audacity of ‘Nope'

from Wonk Life Balance

Twitter: @wonklifebalance

This is the blog of a policy analyst who likes to combine work and family life. Have a read of all things political and cultural and what they say about gender, families and social inequality.


Why I've unplugged the game consoles and it's STAYING that way.

from Wendy's World

Twitter: @wendy0

A blog by a married SAHM to two young boys who likes to blog about parenting, hobbies, family life and everything inbetween.


Jealous Sweets - a review and giveaway

from We Don't Eat Anything With A Face!

Twitter: @facelessfood

A vegetarian family food blog with recipes, reviews, news, chat and other random stuff!