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A cautionary tale: Laid-off expats stuck in Qatar scramble to pay off debts

from Victoria Scott - journalist

I'm a journalist and I write about a wide range of topics, but my 'real' job is looking after two littluns, so parenting is a key theme.


Demystifying Royal Mail's Large Letter Vs Small Parcel

from Vikkie's Vintage

My name is Vikkie, I love to frugally restore vintage pieces for my eBay shop & YouTube Channel, but also share shopping tips & reviews!


A feminist in a dress

from Voices in My head

Twitter: @DhanyaNsankar

A lifestyle blog focusing on style, travel, culture and pregnancy. My blog aims to promote confidence, style and substance in other women.


Blog fail

from Violetfizz

A blog about being a stay at home mum to five children and trying to run a wee online craft business! She'll be regularly posting vegan and veggie recipes, craft tutorials and parenting advice with...


from Venusinfurs

Life with a touch of humour. The situations and experiences that we all share but with an injection of humour throughout.


He turned 1

from Viki speaks...

Musings on motherhood and the changes it brings to life.


going self employed while managing a mental health disability???

from Victoria Wilkins

my life as an estranged mum to my daughter who is 11 years old - general life surviving tips - mental health


V Family Fun is 1 Today!

from V Family Fun

Twitter: @MummyKV

A family and lifestyle blog. It covers a bit of everything that is going on in our lives and contains reviews of anything we might be using!

Viv Groskop

War and Peace: Episodes 1-3

from Viv Groskop

Twitter: @vivgroskop

Writer. Critic. Broadcaster. Stand-up comedian. Literary Editor for Red magazine. Laissez-faire parent. Loves to tweet. Hates avocados.

Voodoo Spice

Hoop Physio

from Voodoo Spice

Twitter: @aka_VoodooSpice

Rants and reviews on work, life, arts, culture, women's rights in the developing world, and writing.