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Vagina Dentata

Six reasons why women should fake a pregnancy

from Vagina Dentata

Twitter: @NaomiMc

This is a blog about politics and feminism and science and stuff. Plus this blog will be funny, because science hasn't yet proven that all feminists have no sense of humour.

Violet Sparkles

Win an Apple iPad 2 with Momjunction!

from Violet Sparkles

Twitter: @KirstyMills12

Violet Sparkles

View From A Daddy

Folly Farm – Pembrokeshire

from View From A Daddy

Twitter: @ViewFromADaddy

Blogging the view of a full time daddy. Detailing our adventures & experience as we take on the journey of a lifetime.


Random things about Breaking Bad

from Very Bored in Catalunya

Twitter: @vbincatalunya

A mother takes on Catalan life, three languages, two cultures and a lack of decent cheese.


Confidence, Catheters, Clothes and cancer

from Verity's Lifestyle

Twitter: @verityslife

Two years ago Verity was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in my bones. She wants to tell you her story and encourage you to think about your lifestyle, in particular food.

The V3 Group

Competition – Win a set of Nando's BBQ sauces to enjoy this Summer!

from V3 Blog

Twitter: @TheV3Group

Articles written by a team of graphic designs documenting all things art, culture, design and marketing related.

Virginia Take 3

Just an 'Au revoir'....

from Virginia Take 3

Twitter: @virginiatake3

A blog about visual communications, Europe and what makes a powerful video.


This could be the last time….

from Voula Grand

Twitter: @voulagrand

Explore the emotional cost of secrets in marriage through Voula Grand's (soon to be published) fictional narrative.


5 Reasons I Love The Hooping Game!

from Vive La Revolution!

All about hula hooping - gorgeous hoops, hoop thoughts, tutorials, making hoops, hooping for fitness, dance and well being.


Oh hi. Um…remember me?

from Victoriananana

Twitter: @victorianaudi

Mother to a beautiful but sleep allergic daughter. Always tired. Often drinking wine. Holder of a Masters in Research in Violence and Censorship in Elizabethan-Jacobean theatre. Blogging because...