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The Sweater Dress

from Voices in My head

Twitter: @DhanyaNsankar

A lifestyle blog focusing on style, travel, culture and pregnancy. My blog aims to promote confidence, style and substance in other women.


The Alchemy of Dreams: Wholeness….

from Voula Grand

Twitter: @voulagrand

Explore the emotional cost of secrets in marriage through Voula Grand's (soon to be published) fictional narrative.


from Victoria Shhh

A glimpse of the daily life of our family in the suburbs of Sydney. I am a stylist/fashion assistant & a ex make-artist (currently on maternity leave).


Panettone: An Italian Christmas Tradition You'll Love

from Vorrei: Delicious Italian Food

We love Italy, we love good food and we love sharing with you Italian food recipes! A comprehensive blog for those who love Italian cuisine.


The Interview

from Verbena Days

Family life viewed by a techy grandmother.


The Introduction of Cocktail Hour

from Vintage Tea Party

Vintage enthusiast & founder of Vintage Tea Party. Covering everything & anything, likely to contain embarrassing stories & the odd rant.


Spinach, Pea and Mint Soup

from Valueyourmind

Twitter: @valueyourmind


A pause for thought

from Veg Plotting

Twitter: @malvernmeet

About my garden and allotment here in Wiltshire. Expect a hefty dose of seasonal food, local life and quirkiness added in for good measure :)


7 of the best vegan shoes

from Vegan Yorkshire Pudding

Vegan Yorkshire Pudding is a one-woman journey through body confidence while on an epic search for the perfect vegan Yorkshire Pudding.


From Pavlova to Pork Pies

from Vegemitevix

Twitter: @Vegemitevix

The blog of Kiwi Mum who moved from New Zealand to England, with three kids in tow, all for the love of a British man she met on holiday in Paris.