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A 5km test

from Ultra-Mum

This new mum's trying to find her feet and keep her head up despite the pressures of society. Are there any 'perfect mums'?

Us Three By The Sea


from Us Three By The Sea

Single working 40 year old with a slight obsession with crafting, cupcakes and shoes. Spend my time running round after a mini zoo of 9 & 10 year old kids, cats, rabbits and chickens.

Us: chapter one

Key's for Success!

from Us: chapter one

Twitter: @gemmaken

Newlywed mum of three, documenting our first year of marriage (and beyond) in our own little corner of 'The Internets'.

Upper Cut Cakes

Pretty pink cupcakes

from Upper Cut Cakes

These bloggers are two friends who make cakes for family and friends to improve their baking skills.


It's a Kinda Magic

from Up in The Air

A blog by an illustrator, full of great images, cartoons and quick stories.


Home Time

from Undercover Mummy

Twitter: @undercovermummy

A Mum of 3 that has to be undercover as she can't risk anyone finding out that Mr P is in prison. This is her life.


Not dead yet

from Unemployed

Twitter: @comradegeeky

After working for nearly thirty years, this 49-year-old woman was happy to be made redundant. But then she began to realise that finding another job wouldn't be that easy. This blog will share her...

Unfashionista Louise Mensch

from Unfashionista

Twitter: @unfashionista

A Lazy Girl's Guide to Gloss - maximum style, minimum effort fashion from former MP and all-round renaissance woman Louise Mensch.

Unlock the cage

from Unlock the Cage

Twitter: @JackieCharley

I blog about parenting concerns such as children's health, behaviour and development, as well as parental development, values, and how to have confidence in your own parenting skills.


from Unique Mum

A blog for breastfeeding, co sleeping, baby wearing, attachment parenting parents :)