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A Funny Moment

from The Working Parent

Dip and dive with this blogger through the highs and lows of parenting, working and studying...

meg foulkes

Reclining in Hell

from Three Fifty Five

These are the stylish musings of a London mother of two who's blogging about fashion and art. She's been a writer, a librarian, a legal adviser to asylum seekers and a painter, so drop by for some...


Review: The Innkeepers

from The Celluloid Jam

Twitter: @Celluloid__Jam

This blog's dedicated to film, the arts, music, TV, gaming and anything else that's of cultural relevance.

Tinky Tonk

Unfinished projects and their part in my downfall.

from Tinky Tonk Craft Blog

Twitter: @KellyWhittle

This craft blog is written by a mum who juggles looking after her toddler in London, commuting and working.


In the red...

from The Thrifty Times

This blogger writes about her mission to be thrifty while still enjoying a few luxuries in life - like shopping, haircuts and M&S food...


KIT day 2...

from Teetering to The Brink of Insanity and Back again...

Twitter: @froggle83

A blog that's keeping this solicitor and recent unexpected mother sane. Take a tour through the journey of her mind...


Clicking away in the winter sunshine

from The Crafty Bird Diaries

Twitter: @craftybdiaries

A blog by a thirtysomething mother of two who's started her own stationary business. Drop in for a dose of therapy, craft and some motherhood musings...


In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I've...

from The First Rule of Fat Club

Twitter: @1stRuleFatClub

Reluctant weight-loser blogs about the perils and horrors of weekly Fat Club meetings.

two children watching washing machine

Simple things....

from The OZ Show

A blog by a mum of two rugrats who writes about the mischief they get into.


Tip Of The Week ? Stay Calm!!

from The Good Parent Guide

Twitter: @Mumof2_Tips

A mum of two who's a qualified children's nurse gives advice and tips on a variety of parenting areas.