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Two Little Women And A Welshman

{Book} Before I met you - Lisa Jewell

from Two Little Women And A Welshman

Twitter: @anactaylor

A blog about books, children, work, photography and everything in between. Not as interesting as it sounds (eh?).

woman in field black and white photo

Decorating Ideas For Boys Bedrooms

from The Balancing Act

Twitter: @Mercian_Phoenix

A blog by a mother of two and stepmother of two more, bride-to-be, employee, pagan, lover and party girl.


Tired child and moody mum = turbulence

from Twin Tales

An open and honest account by a first-time mum to twins who is recovering from anorexia on top of trying to be a good mum.


In a rotten place

from The Reluctant Entrepreneur

Twitter: @reluctanttiger

Having recently escaped the City this blogger's setting up a technology business with her other half. Part working from home with the two young children and part commuting from the new base outside...


Clothing a large family.

from The Power of Five

A thirtysomething mum of five gives you the lowdown on her parenting, from PSD to potty-training

That family feeling

Pooh Pooh to you too

from That Family Feeling

Twitter: @tffeeling

A blog about living, laughing, loving and surviving the madness in a large blended family.

The mums, the kids, the dogs and the olds

Footballers' Wives: Holidays (2)

from The mums, the kids, the dogs and the olds.

A tale of modern life in a same-sex blended family.


Horsing around

from The Fastener

Twitter: @thefastener

A blog about guerilla knitting and yarnstorming on the streets of London as part of the collective This blogger covers the city in wooly sunshine and brings a smile to passers-by.


...wearing it today...rock bling...

from This Little Pretty

Twitter: @ThsLittlePretty

Fun, fashion and family. Attempting to keep my finger on the pulse of fashion, and sharing some of my favourite fashion finds


The Streets of London

from Thirty@30

Twitter: @joannajosefina

This blogger is taking on 30 new challenges - both physical and emotional - before she turns 31 and telling us all about them here.