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Changes are a foot....

from The Musings of A Surprised Mother of Two

Twitter: @2_under_2_eek

This blogger's having a good old moan and rant about all things parenting and beyond...

this old life of mine

Change and Compromise

from This Old Life of Mine

Twitter: @jenpen78

Blog is about her, mum, wife, nurse, cat owner...actually should of put HER last! Blog is to stop her from losing my mind and have a space to chat.


Oh Tabitha! Where did it all go wrong?

from The Shy Erotic Writer

Twitter: @tabithaflyte

Writer, Tabitha Flyte explores erotica in a post-Mr Grey world. Hints, reviews, navel gazing and beyond.

The Simplicity Project

When life gets in the way….

from The Simplicity Project

Twitter: @DigWeedSow

This blog follows one family's journey towards living a more simple life by making do, mending and growing their own.



from The Ex Factor

It's a blog about life post divorce...everything from how to deal with divorce guilt, the dilemma of getting through Christmas, to whether the new boyfriend is the right boyfriend.


Here we go again

from Three Good Things

Twitter: @Nelflint

A non runner attempting to train for the Great North Run. Running chat and other general musings on life.

tales of stepford

How to have a nearly-terrible camping holiday

from Tales of Stepford

Twitter: @talesofstepford

This mum is a freelance TV editor. Join her as she blogs about the misadventures of parenting, part time working and life in a small town.


Fun at Folkfest!

from The baby Juno Diaries

Twitter: @allaboutlarney

A mummy to Juno-Iris, this is about what they get up to and what they love

the mummy olympics

The greatest Paralympics yet?

from The Mummy Olympics

Twitter: @copytrash

A working mum's take on life in London in the run up to the 2012 Olympics.


Bye bye blog

from Tales of A Cornish Blonde

Twitter: @cornishblonde1

A blog about being a working mummy and part-time single parent, written by a new mum who's iving the dream in Cornwall after six years of London life.