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Changes to Teachers' pay look to be coming.

from The Inclusionist

Twitter: @uk_inclusionist

The Inclusion Manager of a very large primary school in South East England comments on the quest to unlock the potential in every child.


Doing it for the kids

from The Day to Davis

This blogger writes about daily life including parenting, self employment and her running fitness regime.

two become four

T'is the season to be jolly...

from Two Become Four

Twitter: @twobecomefour

Rebecca's a thirty something mother of twins. Tune in to her blog to hear about the trials and triumphs of life with (terrifically) troublesome twin toddlers...


Happily Married … but I wouldn't recommend it

from The Blogwitch

Twitter: @childspoet

Meet a middle-aged women who is always in trouble for saying what she thinks. Blogging her witchy thoughts now and coming up with imaginery spells to put her life right.

Tears Tussles and Tantrums

Little boy growing up

from Tears Tussles and Tantrums

Life and my teenage daughter with a little dash of teenage and son and husband



from The Mummy Years

Twitter: @themummyyears

Two new mummies (one journalist and one maternity nurse/newborn consultant) on mastering the art of baby whispering and realising that sometimes a big slice of cake is the only answer.


Cups Of Pee: A lesson in following instructions.

from The Beautifully Babyful Blog

Official step-mummy for the last year (unofficially for years), just started trying to add a couple of my own to the party. This blog is a journal of my journey to motherhood and my continued journey...


Tractors round two.

from Trials & Tribulations of a Devonshire Farming Family

The trials and tribulations of a large farming family in Devon and their numerous assorted animals!


"Kitchen Counterspace Solution" Reveal...

from The Economista

Twitter: @theeconomista21

This blogger's writing about mumpreneurs and seeking out the positives that can come out of this recession. She's a new mother, a new blogger and she's trying to turn around the doom and gloom that's...


When Stockings aren't Sexy!

from Tea & Biscotti

Twitter: @TeaandBiscotti

An English wife, an Italian life and all the bits inbetween - a one way ticket to cultural confusion!