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How to control your hate, for skinny people eating cake!

from The Funny Mummy

Comedienne and New Mum. Here to provide Vlogs, Blogs (unfortunately not Cloggs) to make you giggle


An Ode To My Sanity: The One Baby Habit I Cannot Stand!

from The Son And The Moon

A blog about the fun (and not so fun) side of parenting and expat living in the UAE.


Confessions of a Golf Widow

from Threesypeasy

Blogging about life with three kids in three years. How we get by; the highs the lows and the ridiculous.


My Pants Are Made Out Of Cotton

from The Knitting Genie

I blog about crafts, genealogy, feminism and the history of women and textiles.

The Musings of Me

Airport Musings

from The Musings of Me

Twitter: @knightys

A look at life whilst juggling two small children. This blogger's devoted to shoes, loves winesday and dusts all her radiators. Occasionally.


Proud Mummy Moment

from Trendy Tikes

A lifestyle blog about a mum of three with a passion for travel and circus arts


Who Knows Where the Time Goes?

from TheOldRec

Twitter: @cradimad

Tales of modern life in a small market town from a sandwich generation mother with a busy full time job, an elderly live-in mother, a student daughter, a husband and his two sons, a dog who hates...


1916 Sackville Street Art Project

from The Nest

Making, baking, crafting and painting!

Thinking with your hands

The art of science

from Thinking with Your Hands

This blogger's an artist educator and a mother of two primary schoool age children. She blogs about her feltmaking practice with family groups, schools and other community groups.


Humans and Humanity do not belong together, anymore

from The Thinkin Hat - Oindian lifestyle and Parenting blog

The blog about everyday occurences in the life of a mother. Babies do not come with an instruction manual. So every tip n trick is worth!