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OK so mad busy in all areas

from The Working Dad

It's a Diary of a working dad - the highs and lows, ups and downs of being a dad and balancing home life in 2015.


Mother's intuition

from The Long Chain

Musings on and experiences of mothering a profoundly disabled child


The Last Taboo: Labour Poo

from The Anonymum

Tales from the dark side of parenting


Happy anniversary

from The Twin Dad Diary

A blog about life as a stay at home dad to two beautiful twins!

The Novice Dad's Diary

Moving house and freaking out

from The Novice Dad's Diary

Twitter: @JonnyDockett

Humorous scribblings from a new father, one baffled step at a time...


The Unnecessary Pressure of Christmas

from The Unmumsy Mum's Guide To Motherhood

Owner of two small boys. Lover of tea. And Prosecco. Not a fan of maternity leave. Or mushrooms. Probably too honest.


The Benefits and Drawbacks of Artificial Grass

from This Week In The Garden

Twitter: @PermieGardener

A permaculture blog about sustainability, growing, foraging, cooking and stashing food, keeping chickens and generally pottering about.


Are some MPs finally coming round to the fact that more can - and should - be...

from TChee

Twitter: @tchee

Comment, Women's Issues, Current Affairs and Parenting all rolled up together!


Me parent?

from TJ and Jude

Navigating the working life of a mum of a feisty, fabulous and flipping hard work one-year-old boy.


Aaah, More Work ‘Frieend'.

from Tired Dad

Twitter: @reallytireddad

He used to have insomnia. His children used to live in the same Postal Code area as him. He can't be bothered to change the name of the blog.