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from The Knitting Genie

I blog about crafts, genealogy, feminism and the history of women and textiles.


Oi! Stop picking on the gym.

from There We Go

Parenting, family travel, and everything inbetween.

The Prairie Cottage

Sheringham's a Holiday Hotspot

from The Prairie Cottage

Twitter: @theprairiehouse

All about our experiences running a self-catering holiday cottage in Sheringham, Norfolk and our love affair with the North Norfolk Coast.


Top 10 weird things I do because I have Raynauds

from The Diary of an Unexpectant Mother

Chronicalling day to day life from Surprise Pregnancy to Stay at Home Mum

The Uncheshire Wife

New year, New skill

from The Uncheshire Wife

Twitter: @nortonmum

I blog, tweet & write funny poems about the things that affect our life, kids and leisure time, instead of cleaning up & ironing.


Magic Lantern Festival

from The Real Lara Shoe

The adventures of our little family of four, who love to create and explore.


Mothers don't sacrifice themselves. Not even for Sherlock Holmes.

from The Mum Reviews

I blog personal stories & reviews about days out, travel, food & restaurants, theatre & other stuff I do while being a mum.


Review: Total Fitness

from The Honest Father

Honest and humorous account of fatherhood and relationships from a man's point of view.


‘ExploraTale' goes on tour at Pinhoe Library, starting Monday January 9th…

from The Carousel Project

Twitter: @carouselproject

Creative learning for under 5s and their families. Posting on their sessions, news in the early years arts world, photos and animations/films from our sessions, feedback from parents.


Proper part time

from Two Lives Competing

Mum to the little man, a 2 year old bundle of cheeks and giggles. Wife to the bigger man, my lovely geek. Working for the biggest man.