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Thoughts From Short Lane

The next 10 days...

from Thoughts from Short Lane

Felted art and random rants


Who Lives in a House Like This?

from TheOldRec

Twitter: @cradimad

Tales of modern life in a small market town from a sandwich generation mother with a busy full time job, an elderly live-in mother, a student daughter, a husband and his two sons, a dog who hates...

This Charming Boy

Goodbye Normal Jeans

from This Charming Boy

Twitter: @themeanestcat

A memoir of life with a boy named James, written by a mother who has no idea what she's doing


Why the end of bare boobs on Page Three matters

from The Mummyfesto

Blog of Linda Green, author of ‘The Mummyfesto’ and ‘The Resolution’.


The Hints

from The Piece of String

Twitter: @debcyork

family history with a contemporary twist


Precious Things

from Today's Stuff

A growing family, fledgling garden and living in West Cornwall


Fashion | Red Coat & Memories

from The Awkward Magazine

Twitter: @emglobetrotter

Family, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, food, culture, male grooming, gigs & careers.


A Recipe! 15 Minute Thai Prawn Curry

from The Spirited Puddle Jumper

Crafts/activities blog of a 29 year old London SAHM with two toddlers, for those more acquainted with a bottle of wine than bottle of glue!


Update: preparing the boat for the baby

from The Owl'n' the Pussy Cat

He's the Owl, I'm the Pussy Cat. And we've bought a boat. This is all about how it goes...

the vacillating mother

Less Alan Rickman, more Jane Birkin

from The Vacillating Mother

Twitter: @billoddyssey

A confessional style blog with all posts written by Willow Oddie. As the title suggests, motherhood entails a host of contradictory elements and the blog space is dedicated to fleshing-out some of...