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The Destroyer

from Tales from the Reading Room

Twitter: @Litloveblog

Cambridge academic and ex-chronic fatigue sufferer blogs about books, reading and the links between life and literature.

The Healthy Epicurean

Lamb, fresh fig and almond tagine and fledgling couscous enthusiasts

from The Healthy Epicurean

A blog about healthy eating ideas for delicious, nutritious 'real' food with a French twist.

The 1970s diet

What Do You Do ALL Day?

from The 1970's Diet

Twitter: @The1970sdiet

A blog about dieting by a lady born in 1973. In the 70's there were meals a day, no snacks inbetween; there were no take-aways, no giant cupcakes, no endless supply of nibbles. Food was fuel and you...

The Cross-Eyed Pianist

Meet the Artist……Nicolas Hodges, pianist

from The Cross-Eyed Pianist

Twitter: @CrossEyedPiano

Blogging on music and pianism - repertoire, technique,and teaching, as well as concert reviews interviews.


A New Gardening Bursary

from The Potting Shed

Twitter: @pottingshed1

I will be writing about our trials garden and everything that we are growing in it. As well as gardening shows, events that i have gone too.

The world according to Izzie

The Blog Spot Interview - Mummy Tries

from The World According to Izzie

Twitter: @izzieanderton

I share my home with teenagers, nothing else scares me.

The School Kitchen

How to make creamy Spinach and Mushroom Pasta

from The School Kitchen

Twitter: @ultrachef1

A blog about restaurant standard food on a school budget


Happy Birthday Bear Nibbles!

from The World of Kitsch

A blog of retro wonders and curiosities


Finding peace in the doldrums

from Thoughts From A Woman Loved By Jesus

I am a wife and a mother of two, an actress and artist and a christian. I write about art,life, family & faith,& I write poetry too.

The Intrepid Misadventurer

On Nouveau Peasantry & Elitist Simplicity!

from The Intrepid Misadventurer

Twitter: @KanchanChar

A journal about my wonderful and inventive life as a mother, my love of design, literature, pop culture, movies and music!