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Truth is stranger than fiction

Stuff That Any Fool Could Predict

from Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

Twitter: @janeebloom

Jane writes fiction for children full of made up things (and lies). Everything on this blog actually happened. There's nowt so queer as folk and chickens.


Getting outdoors

from The Accidental Home Educator

A blog about home educating my younger son: why I do it, what we do and where we go.

The Mad House of Cats and Babies

My phone isn't coming on holiday with me…

from The Mad House of Cats and Babies

Twitter: @MadCatsBabies

Parenting, life, opinions, food, trying to keep sane...and don't forget the cats


Denim Jeans For Ladies

from The Diary Of A Jewellery Lover Blog

I have a lifestyle blog focusing on jewellery and fashion, food and travel, beauty and technology!


Where Am I?

from The Nest

Making, baking, crafting and painting!


8 Unique Ways to Celebrate Your Summer Birthday

from The Pepperrific Life

This blogger's a single mom who's raising her daughter alone while dabbling in the single parent dating scene.


Just a bit of silliness

from this day I love

Taking a positive from each day and capturing those precious Mummy moments


Life & Loves in July

from TamingTwins

Twitter: @tamingtwins

A story of juggling life with twins, a business and a lot of cake. I'm mostly drinking cold tea and dreaming of a tidy tupperware cupboard.


124 weeks and 1 day | Me and Mine {July}

from The Twinkle Diaries

The Twinkle Diaries is a virtual memory box of our family life with twins. A place for love, living and lots and lots of photographs.


Only when I’m leaving the house, foot on the bike pedal, kissing the...

from The Sam Binnie Diaries

Twitter: @pantherbinn

A blog looking mainly at weddings and pregnancy/children, but also everyday life.