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MILS, The Little Mermaid & Huge Bugs!

from SpaceMum

This blogger's a SAHM to three children: one thirteen-year-old boy whose fave expression is '"For God's sake," one ten-year-old son who thinks he's a ninja and a 5 year old girl who's sure...

Stay at Home Dad

Changing for Good

from Stay at Home Dad

Twitter: @Stayhomedad

A blog by a stay at home dad, with stories, observations and musings about looking after children.


Blogs and diaries for kids who can't write yet

from Silly Fun Stuff to Do with Kids

Twitter: @tootingjo

A blog about games to play, which stand some chance of being fun for grown-ups too.


One month down…

from Spending Experiment

A blog by consumers on strike. This family are doing their best to stop buying non-essential "stuff" for a year. But how will they manage with a 2-year old, a shopaholic and a hoarding...


Road Ahead

from Shades of Violet

A woman shares her days as a mother of six and a carer of two with disabilities.


from Sense of Entitlement

Twitter: @AliciaJDuffy

You put a newly political woman near the internet, and here's what happens. This is an informative, argumentative blog by a mother of two who is fiercely left-wing and struggling with mental illness.


March forth in life fearing only Allah and you will be fierce.

from Sally-Mally and M.E


A first-time mum struggles to get her dream business idea up and running in the US.

Single Mumtrepreneur

Please vote we want to win

from Single Mumtrepreneur

Twitter: @excelsiorRp_AA

Amanda's a single mum of one son who's recently started her own business. Drop in to find out about her hectic, rewarding life - and why she wouldn't have it any other way.


Moving house and country

from Sweet Seams

Sweet Seams is a blog about a British mummy living in Budapest and her recent love affair with sewing. She makes fashionable clothes for herself, her son and niece all with the help of thread and...


October Update

from Special Family- The Funny Side

Clare's take on raising a 13-year-old boy with complex special needs, while balancing work, twins, her husband and all the rest of it. Obviously life does not always go to plan, but Clare believes...