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Hello World!

from Shivvie's Scene

At Shivvie’s Scene I like to share snippets of my daily life as well as write about popular culture, travel, parenting and current affairs.


Julie & Zak | Gold and blush Parisian magnificence for a Jew-ish destination...

from Smashing The Glass

Twitter: @smashglass

Style and inspiration for super-cool Jewish weddings. Blogging about the best ideas and the most creative real Jewish.


Baby G is…8 Months Old!

from Sessa Daily

A lifestyle blog bringing you a little dose of my life as a new mom


Pitkä vuosi takana! | Long, hard, sad but also joyful year behind…!

from Sateenkaariperheeksi - 2 Moms & baby

Rainbow family of 2 moms and a baby. Our daughter was born on July 23rd 2013. We live in Finland and blog in Finnish & in English!


Building bears, eating cake, and testing out the Samsung Galaxy S5

from Sorry About The Mess

Twitter: @khloeee

Family, photography and lifestyle.


Clean Eating Chicken, red rice & roast tomatoes

from strawberriesandfacecream

A lifestyle blog for busy women who enjoy life.


The Power of Mentoring

from She's Organised

A blog dedicated to helping women living life to the fullest, reaching your potential and enjoying time with loved ones.


20 Important Facts I Wish I Had Known Growing Up

from SmileyCoach

Wants to help as many children as possible feel great from the inside out!

Socks for the Boys!

Same old, same old: the struggle for representation

from Socks for the Boys!

Twitter: @alison_twells

This mum, historian and writer inherited a suitcase of diaries from her great aunt, dates 1938 to 2009. This blog tells the story of her wartime romance which began with knitting socks for the war...


Breast Is Best. Unless It's Not.

from So This Is Growing Up?

My ride - pregnant a couple of weeks after miscarriage.