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Parent punishes child for stealing by destroying his xbox

from Rami's philosophy blog

Lots about freedom and reason in parenting and other stuff.


A mindful Stop-Smoking Kit. Stop it, for good, with or without hypnotherapy

from Resolved Hypnotherapy

Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy issues discussed


Constant Decorating

from Rachel In Real Life

Blogging about life as a mum of one with rants thrown in.


Reception Year : Settling In

from Rambling through Parenthood

Twitter: @vaichin

My walk through parenthood. I will share my simple experiments, thoughts, ideas, experiences in the hope that it will amuse and inspire you.

Robin Ince

You Worthless Creators – the shame of money and art

from Robinince's Blog

Twitter: @robinince

Robin Ince is co-host of Radio 4's Infinite Monkey Cage, author of Bad Book Club and perpetually touring stand up comedian, with shows about Charles Darwin, Sponge Crabs, and everything in the univer...


Sketching the Wild Atlantic Way: Workshop in Kinvara, May 18th-22nd 2016

from Róisín Curé Watercolour

I write about sketching the world - the things that inspire me to get out my sketch kit and draw, what happens when I'm doing it.


New home

from Recipe Rifle

Twitter: @estherwalker

Writer and food blogger Esther gets recipes wrong so you don't have to.


The Discipline of Knitting Socks

from RovingCrafters

On the RovingCrafters you'll find knitting, crocheting, spinning, snark, yarn porn, and words of encouragement. Also some free patterns.


Why I love not working Fridays

from Rachel

Twitter: @rachel_bitmead

I have a parenting, lifestyle and family blog. I write about my children, our experiences, our lives and what we get up to.

toddler playing with charlie and lola book

What Can We Do with All These Leaves?

from Right from The Start

Twitter: @mcclaryrachel

A blog about early education, with an open and honest account of parenting young children by an early years specialist and mother of three.