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Today you can be angry, tomorrow you better learn to love your neighbour

from Raising Bears

Raising Bears is a family lifestyle blog written by Emma Cantrell: charity founder, lover of naps and prosecco fanatic.


Win Amazon vouchers

from racket sport fan

My blog was created because I am really into racket sports.


Is the zoo the right place for a wildlife lover?

from Reading with Toby

My blog is themed on the topic of kids' literacy combining posts on book reviews, kids' culture and parenting observations.


Don't judge a book by its cover

from Ramblings

Words that inspire


Baked Tofu with Spicy Baharat Marinade

from Rachel Cotterill

Veggie recipes, an excess of cake, and international adventures.


Will There Be Ballet In Heaven?

from Raindrops On My Head

Jennifer's a mum to five girls and one boy. She's lived through multiple miscarriages and has cared for a sick baby, but she usually comes out smiling. Follow her blog for news on parenting marriage,...


Wow, political clickbait! “sheer, gouging cost of housing precarity”

from RenterNomads

Twitter: @RenterNomads

How DO you set up for temporary living, without redecorating (and rebuying) again and again? I've rented in the private sector for 12 years, married, had 2 kids.


Feminist Linguistics; On Powerful, Strong Women

from Renegade Feminist

An anti-neoliberal maternal feminist musing on parenting, politics and the philosophy of life.


Italy for Foodies: White Asparagus

from Rossi Writes

Glimpses of my life in England, Italy and Bulgaria.

ruth jacobs new

How Was The Party?: A Year Living With Alzheimer's – Writer Laura Bridgeman...

from Ruth Jacobs - Writer and Campaigner

Twitter: @RuthFJacobs

Author and human rights campaigner, Ruth Jacobs, interviews writers, musicians, artists and filmmakers as well as fellow human rights activists, advocates and survivors of sexual exploitation and...