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When the hijab is forced

from reimaginingmyreality

Feminism, idealism & life beyond the patriarchy of institutionalised religion...& in my spare time I'm a teacher & a mummyblogger.


What i think of balloons

from Rachel

I have a parent and lifestyle blog. I write about what we get up to as a family and all the ups and downs that go long with it.


office block cowl

from Redclover_crochet

lots of crochet stuff and free patterns


Number 47- if you don't hold your breath…..

from Rubies and Duels

This blog is packed full of contemporary writing, including flash fiction,short stories and novels/novellas in progress.


Are you thinking of quitting FI?

from Rami's philosophy blog

Lots about freedom and reason in parenting and other stuff.

Roberts Farm Adventures

Meet Minty!

from Roberts Farm Adventures

Twitter: @RobertsFB

A blog all about a group of animals that live on a fun filled farm in Hampshire! Come and meet the characters and join in the fun!


Asparagus cream soup

from Recipes

Simple recipes


Review: AEOS Skincare Collection

from Runaway Ink

A blog for new mums written by a new mum. Talking about worries and concerns we all face and including freebie round ups and product reviews


When life doesn't go to plan

from Ramblings of a Crafty Mum

Twitter: @ramblingsofamum

I blog about everything for parenting to fashion, politics to gardening with a focus on my diy projects.


How to get to YYZ from Downtown Toronto with UP Express

from Ready, Pack, Go!

A Brazilian-Canadian expat family making travel a priority!