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In Memory of Mick: A Dog is for Life, Not Just for Christmas

from Prosecco Bubble

Twitter: @daybreakG74

The rants and ravings of a middle-aged domestic slave...


The Next Chapter

from Pass The Sedatives

Twitter: @passthesedative

Mummy loses the plot before remembering it. She's a good egg, if a bit scrambled!


Auf Wiedersehen.....

from Picnic in a Tree

Twitter: @anderssonlinda

A blog about moving back home after nearly five years away, about motherhood, every day life, cooking, baking, photography, music, movies...anything and everything.


Important Notice

from prisailurophile

Twitter: @prisailurophile

Random musings of a self-confessed bibliophile

Parisian Jazz, Fresh Coffee, Cinnamon Bagels & the Good Butter (A Practical Guide to Joy)

A Miserable Cow Metamorphosis - Introduction

from Parisian Jazz, Fresh Coffee, Cinnamon Bagels & the Good Butter (A Practical Guide to Joy)

Twitter: @sivitersteph

A realistic guide to injecting some joy into your life every day - written by a miserable cow, on a budget, in the grim North.

Peanut Stitch

Here Comes Autumn

from Peanut Stitch

Twitter: @peanutstitch

A blog all about being a mummy, homemade crafts and the wonderful simple things in life.

Pearls of Motherhood

Thought of the day (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i['GoogleAnalyticsObject']=r;i[r]=...

from Pearls of Motherhood

Twitter: @MotherPearls

A blog about motherhood, the many wonders of it and how to try to prepare for it. I'm trying to collect some useful information on how to be a good mum and how to navigate my way through and make...


Pyjama School has moved!

from Pyjama School

Sarah blogs about home educating her two children, drawing inspiration from Montessori, Waldorf Steiner and unschooling.


Fringe Benefits

from PeaSouper- Being a Dad

Twitter: @AndyAgides

I write about being a father to 3 sons,as a sufferer of a severe mental health condition. Exploring how I maintain my relationship with them and the efforts to extend the relationships wherever possi...


Listeria hysteria: a little knowledge is a dangerous thing

from Pregnant and Proud

Pregnancy highs and lows; the hormonal ramblings of a first time mamma to be.