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patch of puddles

Walking in the rain.

from Patch of Puddles

Twitter: @Merrilyme

This blogger's home educating three children with craftiness and care. After losing a baby, she's now pregnant again and expecting a rainbow baby.


Weekend Wishlist

from Pamper and Curves

Twitter: @bettybee_towers

Betty Bee blogs with a vintage twist. Her blog is full of hints and tips on arts and crafts, cosmetics and going back to work after maternity leave.


Gay Bob

from Plastig Ffantastig

Blogging about my collection of kitsch and vintage toys, books, etc.


NailsInc NailKale in 'Mayfair Lane'

from Perfectly Polished

Twitter: @perfectpolished

Beauty, Lifestyle & Fashion

Play and learn everyday

Happy Half Birthday Ivy

from Play & Learn Everyday

Twitter: @playlearntoday

This teacher values the importance of learning through play, so she tries to find interesting and unique ways to play everyday and share her ideas with little ones. They make toys, buy toys, do arts...


Cheap thank you gift and What's on Weekend 2nd 3rd August Lincoln

from Paidinchickens

Twitter: @paidinchooks

Trying to live a frugal stress free life. Mother of four Wife of one.

Pass the Gin

When you love the little things.

from Pass the Gin

Twitter: @passtheginagain

A mother attempting to keep both her children and herself alive.

Pouting In Heels

Five common mistakes women make when it comes to love

from Pouting In Heels

Twitter: @PoutingInHeels

Life, Style, Sass & Secrets by freelance writer & mum Katie Portman. Providing glamour & inspiration for women who want to feel empowered.


My first ever Essence haul!

from Petit Moi - Big World

Twitter: @petitmoi_laura

Petit Moi - Big World


The Italian Job:Naples

from Pantomum

Twitter: @ruthym007

The ups and downs of life with three very different boys aged 14, 11 and 9. A look at modern day parenting