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No bread is an island

Open letter to Jay Rayner

from No Bread Is An Island

Twitter: @PaulYoud

An account of breadmaking adventures, including teaching sessions, recipes, etc. There are also vegan recipes on there.

elly mccausland

Spiced pulled brisket in a milk bun with coleslaw

from Nutmegs, Seven

Twitter: @nutmegs_seven

Culinary adventures from a literature fanatic who's obsessed with fruit.


Protein packed autumnal dal

from naturalhealthstar

Twitter: @nishapatelHH

A mum's journey to becoming a natural health star, by incorporating natural food, remedies and therapies into our everyday family life.


Daddy's Perfect Gift A Personalised Photo Calendar from Us

from New Mum Online

Twitter: @NewMumOnline

About Aaron her 2 year old. Her life as a first time Mum. Her daily life as she tries to lose weight and get healthy.


Can You Write A Novel In One Month – To NaNo Or Not To NaNo

from Nikki Young Writes

Twitter: @nicola_cyoung

My blog is home to articles about parenting and general observations on life, by a working mum of three.

Nomad Mom Diary

Is Your Vagina a Fixer Upper?

from Nomad Mom Diary

Twitter: @nomadmomdiary

From declaring sweatpants are the new black to admitting that there is such a thing as a mandatory make-up moment, you can find all of my alcohol-induced deep thoughts here.

New Mumblings

Hiding the bump: clothes that disguise your growing tummy

from New Mumblings

Twitter: @newmumblings

A blog from a newish mum, living west but not quite west enough. Thoughts, recommendations and everything in between.


When IS a good time to have children? Apple and Facebook says…

from Nearly Networked

A. 21st C woman ruminates on motherhood, feminism, technology, books, writing and culture

natty nikki

Blogtober a Quick Update

from Natty Nikki

Twitter: @gamergirl0621

Plus size fashion blog.


The Language Battleground

from Not Writing But Blogging

Twitter: @stellduffy

Writer/director/improviser/performer Stella Duffy doing this instead of writing …