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Not So Perfect Parent Blog

Christmas Traditions

from Not So Perfect Parent Blog

Twitter: @kimbykelsall

Perfect parent? No way! The ups, downs and in betweens of being a parent.

Nothing good rhymes with Charlotte

Relationships: 4 benefits of spending Christmas apart

from Nothing good rhymes with Charlotte

Twitter: @CharlotteBuxto

I’m Charlotte and I write weekly words about lots of things - relationships, living with a man, dealing with the general public, getting angry when people leave their shoes on when they come...


Uzumaki: Spiral Into Horror

from New readers...start here!

Introducing people to comics: superheroes, manga, kid friendly, horror, crime, steampunk and more.


21st December: 3,000 miles away

from Norfolk Coast Blog

News from the National Trust on the Norfolk Coast

natty nikki

Plus Size Blogger Tag

from Natty Nikki

Twitter: @gamergirl0621

Plus size fashion blog.


The Ten Best Movie Scenes of 2014

from notlefthandedfilmguide

This is a film blog that has comment and reviews. All reviews of new films include a section discussing their suitability for children.

notes on a spanish valley

No black pigs?

from Notes On A Spanish Valley

Living in a secret Spanish valley in the heart of the campo is a daily feast of nature, wildlife and food. I hope you read this blog and grow to love rural Andalucía as much as we do.

Northumberland Mam

Silent Sunday!

from Northumberland Mam

Twitter: @kimmer2111

A blogger writing about her kids, competition wins and reviews about things they've used or tried.


It's Chriiisstmaaas

from Nikki Young Writes

Twitter: @nicola_cyoung

My blog is home to articles about parenting and general observations on life, by a working mum of three.


The Most Middle Class Toys This Christmas

from Not Another Mummy Blog

Twitter: @iamalisonperry

Random thoughts from a media mum