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from Made in The Desert

Twitter: @madeinthedesert

This blogger's a mum from Cheshire who recently moved to Dubai. She's adjusting to her change from a career woman to a full time housewife. Read her blog about creativity and family life.


from Musings of an Inappropriate Woman

Twitter: @

Gender, creativity and the politics of everyday life.


from My Fitness Journey

A 30-something's journey to attempt to eat clean and train mean to get lean.


from My Fruit and Vegetable Friends

A blog with tips, recipes and ideas on how to encourage children to enjoy fruit and vegetables.


from Minestrone Soul

Twitter: @minestronesoul

Business, marketing and getting your shit together for multipassionate small business owners. How to reduce overwhelm, take action and share your gifts instead of getting pulled under by them.


from Mrs

Geri's a freelance web designer and mother to twin girls. She blogs about her obsession with simple, honest design and gets unnecessarily excited by nice fonts and new books. She also comments on...

Marilyn Stowe

from Marilyn Stowe blog

Divorce lawyer, author and This Morning's resident legal expert Marilyn Stowe blogs about Family Law.


from Mum's Days

Twitter: @mumsdays

From pregnancy to being a new mum, complete with sleep deprivation!

Mummy Kindness

from Mummy Kindness

Twitter: @mummykindness

Parenting. Honestly. A blog about being kinder to ourselves and kinder to each other.

Megan Makes

from Megan Makes

A mummy's website tracking the growth, life events and stories of her little girl, and all the things she has made. (with free patterns and recipes)