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Me time

from housewifeinheels

Twitter: @HeleninHeels

A stay at home mother to two gorgeous boys trying to parent in the best way she can without the help of a nanny, chef, housekeeper, and hair and makeup stylist!

Healthier Mummy

How to sneak vegetables into packed lunches: sweetcorn fritters

from Healthier Mummy

Twitter: @healthiermummy

Trying to lead a healthier family life. But not always getting it right. Experiences, tips and expert advice.


Holiday Necklaces

from Hybrid Handmade

Twitter: @carijanehakes

An online design journal that documents this mum's life as a jewellery designer and mum to two boys aged eight and six.

Helen's Animation Workshop Blog

Wilderness Festival

from Helen's Animation Workshop Blog

Twitter: @helenanimate

Author, illustrator, tea drinker. I run animation workshops that inspire, engage and educate young people in film making techniques.


When you're not writing, keep the faith & Head above Water class preview

from Head Above Water

Twitter: @alisonwells

A mother and writer of novels, short stories and flash fiction. She blogs about writing, creativity, books, short stories and publishing, including self-publishing.


Numbers by Rachel Ward-My review

from hellopipski


housewife confidential

Loving Just So Festival 2014

from Housewife Confidential

Twitter: @thatkat

Mother of three, contender for the laziest housewife in England, chronicling the glory years.

Hello Wall

My Fantastic Life

from Hello Wall...

Twitter: @_sarahmiles_

Triple blogger, wannabe poet, bit of a lush. I blog to retain a shred of sanity cos they don't sell it in Waitrose...yet.


Seabrook Crisps - Tuna crunch sandwich

from Halal Mama

Halal cooking and living. Plus some mummy's frustrations.